American Muslims in the US Elections


The Democratic Party presidential primaries came to an end with Hillary Clinton’s victory in Washington and with a meeting between her and her rival, Bernie Sanders, when they discussed the party unity.

Sanders, who proclaimed himself a Socialist to the Congress of the United States, is the representative of the struggles led by the occupy wall street movement, challenges overweight that finance has in the process of globalization, is in favour of the rights of workers and for the extension of the US welfare State, once similar to the Scandinavian model.

If Hillary Clinton will be elected President of the United States, chances are good that her Vice-President will also be a woman, since the person likely to be chosen is Elisabeth Warren, thanks to the votes of Bernie Sanders.

Member of the Democratic Party and Senator from Massachusetts, Warren has become famous by fighting against Wall Street. She could ensure a presence of the left wing in the possible Government of Hillary Clinton, whose excessive closeness to Wall Street financial world was underlined by Sanders himself.

Clinton and Sanders also talked about the dangerous threat that Donald Trump is to the United States. Indeed, Sanders considers a disaster the possible election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Donald Trump is proving to be a treacherous rival in this election campaign. He has the remarkable ability to catch the votes of American middle classes, shocked by the massacre committed by an American citizen of Afghan origin in a gay nightclub.

He accused the US President, Barack Obama of not admitting that it was a case of Islamic terrorism. Undoubtedly, the killing has embarrassed Hillary Clinton, who is not willing to criminalise Muslims as Donald Trump did, who intends to expel Muslims from the United States.

As Donald Trump threatens to completly close the access to the United States to Muslims, American citizens of Islamic faith tries to prevent his election as President of United States by massively signing up the electoral rolls in Midwestern States, which are teetering between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Since Trump has started to verbally attack Muslims, cases of harassments against Muslims have tripled on the US soil. Half of them were against mosques and places of worship.

The odds of a Muslim to be a victim of religious discrimination or violence doubled in the aftermath of the Republican candidate’s most violent claims  and episodes of severe intolerance were repeated more than once a day.

A phenomenon that is as severe as predictable, while unpredictable was the rush of Muslims to swell the electoral rolls. This fact, in a democratic system where the turnout is lower than in most European countries and where then also a millions of votes count a lot, maybe twice, may change everything.

For these reasons, Sanders will mobilise its voters in favour of Hillary Clinton, who has already received support from current President Barack Obama.

Massimo Turci

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