AMIF launches a call for proposals to support the integration of Third-Country Nationals

EU funding opportunities

A call for proposal has been recently published by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. The AMIF aims at supporting actions to contribute to the efficient management of migration flows and the implementation, strengthening and development of a common Union approach to asylum and immigration.

The present Call for Proposals aims at funding projects in the area of integration of third-country nationals. Each application submitted must address only one of the following priorities:

  • Raising awareness on migrants’ contribution to EU societies (budget available: 5.000.000 euro)

The objectives of this priority are to: I) Support awareness raising projects aiming at highlighting the positive contribution of migrants to our societies; II)Communicating real facts about migration and integration; III)Combating stereotypes against third-country nationals; IV)Contribute to giving a voice to third-country nationals in the public debate on migration and integration.

  • Community building at local level for integration including through volunteering activities (budget available: 5.000.000 euro)


The objectives of this priority are to: I) Support community building activities aiming at the integration of third country nationals at local level; II)Promote exchanges between third-country and host-country nationals at local level; III)Build partnerships and cooperation among all the actors involved in promoting integration at community level.

Projects submitted under this priority might include a volunteering component, involving both EU citizens and the third-country nationals.

  • Pre-departure and post-arrival support for the integration of persons in need of international protection who are being resettled from a third country including through volunteering activities. (budget available: 3.430.000 euro)

The objectives of this priority are to support: I) Pre-departure activities aimed at preparing resettled third country nationals for their life in the new country and managing their expectations; II) Post-arrival activities, especially building on and deepening pre-departure activities, ensuring first reception, and enabling effective integration of resettled people; III) Capacity-building in the receiving communities, including through the promotion of structured co-operation and partnership among national, regional and local actors, ranging from national administrations to NGOs, associations, refugee organisations, religious institutions, municipalities, volunteer networks, schools, universities, service-providers, potential employers and others.


  • Promote the swift integration of third-country nationals into the labour market through strengthened cooperation and mobilisation of employers and social and economic partners (budget available: 8.000.000 euro)

The objectives are to: I) Promote early and effective integration in the labour market of third-country nationals, by creating effective transnational partnerships with all actors concerned and in particular social and economic partners, employers, public and private employment services and national and local authorities to foster the development of tools, methods, capacity building and experience exchanges; II) Raise awareness about the conditions for early and effective labour market integration of third-country nationals, as well as of its economic and social benefits and mobilise employers and other key actors to become active on this topic.


  • Integration of victims of trafficking in human beings (budget available: 3.570.000 euro)

The objectives are to: I) Ensure that victims of trafficking receive appropriate assistance and support as soon as there are reasonable grounds to believe that the person is a victim of trafficking; II) Ensure gender-specific and child sensitive assistance and support measures, including taking into account specific needs of the victims; III) Ensure integration of third country national victims of trafficking in the host society, taking into account the perspective of the victims and in view of finding durable solution.


Eligibility criteria


Applicants and co-applicants must be legal persons, public bodies (including local authorities, public employment services, youth services and education institutions) or entities working on a non-profit basis; established in a Member State participating in AMIF25 (this does not apply to international organisations.


Applications related to priorities 1, 2, 3 and 4 must involve a partnership of at least three distinct organisations from at least two different Member States participating in the AMIF.


The EU grant is limited to a co-funding rate of 90% of the total eligible costs of the action. For applications related to priorities 1, 2, 3 and 4, the grant amount requested must be between EUR 450 000 and EUR 1 000 000. For applications related to priority 5, the grant amount requested must be between EUR 200 000 and EUR 500 000.


The deadline for submitting applications is on 01/03/2018

Further information are available on the Participant Portal

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