Among the most important political facts of the last years we can mention for sure the Brexit process with all its consequences and debates, happened before, during and after it. Following the General Elections of last year finally a deal was found between the United Kingdom and the European Union. This deal had several pacts within it and several subjects in which the sovereignity of the UK was still committed to an involvement of other Governments and of the EU itself. It was the case of the Northern Ireland status. Last week a very important fact occurred in the Parliament of Westminster. The Minister for Northern Ireland announced that the UK Government decided to keep some of the subjects about the sovereignity of Ulster under its control, even if the Government itself signed recently that these were «shared » ones, in which not only UK and EU but also the Government of the Republic of Ireland had to be involved. Opposition claimed this action as « illegal » with the Minister saying that it was only « partially » the case. Whatever your opinion could be on this case we thought that it was worth it a more « in depth » investigation, and this is exactly why this issue of NEU has the title Brexit and Ulster. Enjoy your reading.

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