Covid-19 new peak


Pandemics strikes back. Many people were concerned about a return of the virus in this period, but in any case, not with this force and not creating the conditions of a new lockdown all around Europe. It is another time our turn, the battle re-begins, and seems to have reached a new climax. Rage comes up in several parts of the continent; looking at what happens in Italy, for example, the problem is becoming not only health-related but also a social and economic one. That is a new element if compared to March, of course, where all the situation was new. Now the economies of several countries have been deeply affected; many activities had to close; many jobs lost; undelivered economic assistance for the people who lost their job.

The second wave brings all of this with it. What seems to be unbelievable is how during these months, and what happened during the last spring did not create any premise for a change of approach, for more immediate investments in the health sector, increase in number of people hired in case of a possible emergency situation.

Many public initiatives during the summer and in September had as a main topic the ways to re-start, the after-Covid period, the post-emergence situation, the new world. Reality is tough and different. People is tired and expected a deeply different Autumn by this one. But. If everything we are re-facing now will teach to all of us citizens and to all the political and economic élites that the basic elements of the society how it was in the pre-Covid era have to be rethought ; that a new world has to be imagined and created (in Belgium from summer to now 2000 new start-ups were opened) ; that a new social order could be the way out ; then everything we are seeing will have a sense. And will be useful, at the end, for all. Let’s hope so.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this NEU issue about all the above mentioned, in each and every policy aspect. Have a fruitful reading.

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