Employment and Social Affairs News Digest – 10/05/16

Employment and Social Affairs

Once a week, NEU offers a selection of relevant news on issues related to Employment and Social Affairs.

What is the Impact of TTIP on European Jobs and Growth?
By NEU – Newsletter for the European Union

TTIP EU USTrade policy is an exclusive competence of the European Union (EU) since the Rome Treaty in 1957, meaning that the EU rather than individual Member States is responsible for commercial policy and trade agreements with non-EU countries. That could certainly be considered a revolution in 1957 but in nowadays global economy this is an undeniable trend that has both positive and negative consequences; for example the impact of trade agreements on growth and jobs could certainly be a source of debate among the EU countries. Read more here.

 What Is Left Of The Idea of Europe?
By NEU – Newsletter for the European Union

European Youth PRizeToday 66 years ago, something completely revolutionary originated, which is the idea of Europe itself. On 9 May 1950, Robert Schuman, French Foreign Minister, proposed the creation of a common Institution overseeing the entire production of coal and steel in both Germany and France, the European Community of Steel and Coal (ECSC).What idea should we all celebrate in Europe today? Well, there is no need to think very hard of it, since Schuman declared it loud and clear: “Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity.” What is left of that idea today? Read more here.

If Europe Takes Trade Union Rights For Granted… We Risk Losing Them
By  Esther Lynch of Social Europe

__PHW50_MAY-DAY-FRANCE_0501_11-1462131418_102_430011_largeWhy, in 2016, has the European Trade Union Confederation found it necessary to start ringing alarm bells in defence of basic trade union rights in the EU? This may seem like restating the obvious, especially in Europe where trade unions date from the 19th century and are involved in high-level social dialogue in many countries.  And yet the fact is, these basic rights – and the trade unionists who exercise them – are under attack from governments or employers in a growing number of European countries including the UK, Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Greece and Spain.  Read more here.

Exclusive: London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Religious Extremism, Brexit and Donald Trump
By Mark Leftly of Time

sadiq-khan-laura-pannack-london-mayorSadiq Khan, 45, was declared the new mayor of London in the early hours of Saturday, becoming the most powerful Muslim politician in Europe. Fresh from his victory, Khan sat down with TIME on Sunday in his new office in City Hall, a bulbous glass building overlooking Tower Bridge. Khan claims he is the “antidote” to extremism, reveals that the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency might force him to meet US mayors before the end of the year, and explains why he’s campaigning to keep the UK in the European Union ahead of June’s In/Out referendum.  Read more here.


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