H2020: Innovative solutions for inclusive and sustainable urban environments

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In the framework of the Societal Challenge ‘Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies‘ (SC6), new scientific and innovation priorities under work programme 2018-2020 are focused around three major themes: migration, socio-economic and cultural transformations stemming from the fourth industrial revolution, and governance for the future. The objective of the Societal Challenge is to foster a greater understanding of Europe, provide solutions, and support inclusive, innovative and reflective European societies in a context of unprecedented transformations and growing global interdependencies.

Under the current Work Programme, the call for proposals to support ‘Innovative solutions for inclusive and sustainable urban environments’ was launched to identify the main drivers of inequalitiesin different urban and peri-urban contextsandto identifybest practices and initiatives, including digital solutions and alternative participatory growth models, with potential for upscaling that can promote upward social mobility, social inclusion and cohesion, resilience and sustainable development.

Proposals should assess the scale, dimensions and drivers of socio-economic inequalities in urban and peri-urban settingsacross different city typologies, across Europe and across demographic diversities, paying particular attention to gender differences. They should assess the effectiveness at local level of relevant policies, strategies, planning practicesand other interventions aimed at promoting social inclusion, cohesion and resilience in urban environments, including new and participatory models of growth that foster sustainable and equitable prosperity.

Findings should be communicatedalso in the form of clearly formulated policy recommendations. By linking research, innovation and policy, the action will support urban strategies, policies and planning practices to promote equitable, inclusive and sustainable growth, including the uptake of new, participatory and alternative growth models.

It will also contribute to the advancement of the EU Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goal dedicated to making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable and it will inform the continuous development and implementation of Smart Specialisation as well as the urban dimension of cohesion policy.

The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contributionfrom the EU in the order of EUR 3 millionwould allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

Deadlinefor submissions: 14 March 2019

Further information and official documentation can be found here

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