Number 100

Here we are. NEU’s adventure started from the beginning overcoming every obstacle and skepticism, reaching an important goal for all of us. At first conceived like one of the many newsletters in Brussels, it developed quite quickly into something else. More original, less intrusive, more detailed. And let us say, more professional. Here I want […]



“During our discussion on EMU, President Draghi recalled that the EU economy is back to pre-crisis growth levels and remains extremely strong. In fact, we are experiencing the most favourable situation since the introduction of the euro, which makes this a very good time to reflect strategically on our long-term ambitions. This is what today’s […]


European energy roadmap for 2050

The European Commission’s 2011 Energy Roadmap for 2050 set out four main routes towards a more sustainable, competitive and secure energy system in 2050: energy efficiency, renewable energy, nuclear energy, and carbon capture and storage. Concerning energy efficiency, Europe could achieve an economy- wide reduction of GHG emissions of at least 80% by 2050 compared to […]

External Relations

Is current EU foreign policy really future-proof? An analytic forecast

Good afternoon, folks! Today NEU hits 100 so, in order to make it more joyful, we decided to launch a special issue about the future of Europe. In this chapter I will of course discuss the EU foreign policy, its directions, loopholes, and perspectives. Therefore it will be easier to understand whether our common foreign […]

Employment and Social Affairs

Future perspectives for employment in the EU

One of the main challenges for the European Union is unemployment, namely as regard young generations. This problem is not one of easy solution, thus it is highly probable that the EU will have to manage the issue for many years to come. The need for a better education and the necessity of reinforcing the […]

EU funding opportunities

Urban Innovation Action: the fifth call for proposals launched

The fifth and final call for Innovative Urban Actions was launched on 16 September. The UIA, supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), aims to help cities to identify and test new and innovative solutions to respond to the growing challenges facing urban areas, which are of relevance at Union level. This is a […]


Migration and the agenda

On June 21th, the European Council met in Brussels to adopt the EU’s strategic agenda for 2019-2024. The time and place is very significant, as summer is the period during which, in particular, the migration issue is tackled and discussed. However, this year, it didn’t appear at the top of the EU’s priorities list and […]

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