EU and the Balkans

What has been the relation between the “old” European Union and  the Western Balkans? How policies developed through times? Last weekend an important meeting has been organised in Trieste to give the guidelines of how to go o the path of the so called Berlin Strategy i.e. the idea of the Union of enlarging and […]


Why Berlin economic package for Western Balkan is a bad idea?

“In considering the requirements for the rehabilitation of Europe the physical loss of life, the visible destruction of cities, factories, mines and railroads was correctly estimated, but it has become obvious during recent months that this visible destruction was probably less serious than the dislocation of the entire fabric of European economy. For the past […]


The Balkans issue: where European energy and politics meet

The energy security problems in the Western Balkans would be for the EU to recognize the key role that the Western Balkans can play. Brussels also needs to recognize that the exceptional legal dysfunctionality in the region directly affects the Union’s energy security as it makes it very difficult for investors to put in place […]

External Relations

Trieste 2017: a milestone in the enlargement to East

The Conference of Trieste will take place on July the 12th, gathering together Presidents and Prime Ministers from 13 countries. Among those representatives  the EU High Representative Mogherini and the Commissioner Hahn for EU enlargements will also join this important event. This diplomatic meeting is aimed to pave the way for 6 countries from the […]

Employment and Social Affairs

Trieste summit: youth connections to accelerate Western Balkans path to EU

Western Balkans integration in the EU has recently faced the threat of the “enlargment fatigue”. But 12th of July Trieste Summit, organized by the italian presidency of the Berlin Process, clearly changed this perspective and the sentence pronounced at the beginning of the mandate by European Commission’s President, Jean Claude Juncker, seems now fareaway. “Our […]

EU funding opportunities

Preparatory Action “Subtitling European cultural TV content across Europe”

The European Commission launched the preparatory action for subtitling cultural Tv content across Europe. The Action is aimed at supporting innovative strategies for the provision of subtitled versions of European cultural programmes In order to facilitate cross border on-line dissemination of cultural content. The main objective of the Action is to test the added value […]


Western Balkans Route: really “closed”?

As a consequence of the record number of migrants arriving in Greece in 2015, the people who entered the EU in Greece tried to make their way via the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia into Hungary and Croatia and then towards western Europe. This led to unprecedented numbers of migrants seeking to re-enter the […]

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