All around Europe the approach to the pandemic seems to have reached a new point. The so-called Phases II are starting all over. Surely the approaches are different, the way we are going through this new path is more than ever fragmented and with each country interpreting and implementing it in an original way. This […]


Is post-coronavirus EU economy possible ever again?

Quite often is heard or read in media some dilemmas that relate to post-Covid19 everyday life. “Will we ever be able to live normal again as before” was questioned by some national electronic media outlets sparking the discussion of the postcovid19 globe. But what will happen in the global level? Will the Covid19 pandemic spark […]


The Covid 19 crisis in the energy sector

Over the past few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented global economic and social crisis. The pandemic has significantly affected all aspects of life, including the energy sector. The energy sector has already felt the impact of Covid-19. The outbreak has contributed to a dampened demand for oil, resulting in plummeting prices and […]

External Relations

Covid-19 and Aviation: when the prestige is at risk

Aviation, conceived in its two dimensions of military security tool and symbol of national prestige, represents a peculiar economic sector – with influences coming from many and different scientific and political fields (for example trade, energy, sustainable economy, defense and security, and so on). First, military security. One of the “eternal truth” that we hold […]

Employment and Social Affairs

“Phase II” crucial for economic recovery in the EU

European Union is moving toward a “new normality” after Coronavirus pandemic, although the crisis is not yet over. Almost every Member Country eased many of the restrictions imposed during the crisis, gradually opening restaurants, bars and shops. Measures have been taken by the national government, with different shades, but generally with some form of coordination. […]

EU funding opportunities

European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) Award 2021-2022 Call for applications

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) invites EU territories to submit their applications for the merged 2021 and 2022 edition of the European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) Award. The EER label is open to all EU territories below the level of the Member State that are endowed with competences at a political level and able […]


Several problems for migrants in wake of the Covid19 restrictions being eased

It is widely argued by some media (and even European governments) that the migrants have been hindered by the ongoing crisis caused by the Coronavirus which hit the globe. Initially started and culminated in 2015 with the Syrian war, the migrant crisis made the global reach of migrants to several million. However, despite not being […]

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