The Croatian Presidency

First of all happy new year to all our dear readers (constantly increasing). NEU is back. With an issue about how  the Croatian Presidency of the Union will be during this Semester. Curiosity is high, due to the fact that we are speaking about one of the representatives if the so called “new Europe”, one […]


Croatia’s priorities for Europe

The last year of the second decade of the XXI Century will be of utmost interest for the European countries and for the Union. It will be burdened by many major challenges such as Brexit, economic consolidation, and major global issues like “uneven economic development, climate change, increased migration, dissemination of disinformation and growing populism”. […]


The future of Electric mobility in Europe

Technological advances and societal changes have triggered a drastic evolution in mobility. Alongside other trends, such as digitalisation, autonomous driving and shared mobility, electric mobility is also gaining momentum. Electric mobility could help the EU to achieve its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, noise and dependence on oil. However, the extent of […]

External Relations

The strength of the humble ones: Croatia takes over the presidency of the EU

From 1st January to 30th June 2020, the last member State having joined the European Union will take over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for its very fi­rst time since the country entered the EU in August 2013. During this semester, Croatia (cooperating with Romania and Finland, which have held the […]

Employment and Social Affairs

Croatia’s presidency of the EU: focus on employment and demography

Croatia, the youngest EU member since its adhesion in 2013, drives for the first time the Union in a time of great challenges, and at the beginning of a new institutional and legislative cycle in Europe. Furthermore, Croatia gets the presidency of the EU Council in a decisive period for the process of the United […]

EU funding opportunities

Creative Europe – Bridging culture and audiovisual content through digital

Last December, Creative Europe launched a new call for proposals in accordance with the 2020 Work Programme for the implementation of the European cultural and creative sector. The call is aimed at supporting pilot projects exploring the potential of collaboration between different cultural and creative sectors, including the use of new innovative technologies. The call […]


Migration and the agenda

On June 21th, the European Council met in Brussels to adopt the EU’s strategic agenda for 2019-2024. The time and place is very significant, as summer is the period during which, in particular, the migration issue is tackled and discussed. However, this year, it didn’t appear at the top of the EU’s priorities list and […]

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