It is now the time for Israel to be the centre of our analysis. A country which is central not only, as everybody knows, for the peace and war in the Middle East, but that is a commercial and military partner so decisive both for the U.S. and the EU. What are the new and […]


Too much politics? EU – Israel economic cooperation

Israel has often been recognized as a middle range power in the international relations. One of the rare Western allies within the Middle East region is cooperating in trade and financial issues following the political cooperation. There are numerous aspects of potential economic cooperation that could be intensified. What are the key economic cooperation characteristics […]


Israel, the energy island

Energy security has re-emerged as one of the drivers of European energy policy and even of the EU’s external policy. For Israel, energy security has always been the main objective of energy policy, and it is probably the most affected country by energy geopolitics in recent history. The EU is also being affected by the […]

External Relations

Our man in Ankara: a crosscut narration of EU-Turkey relations

Europe first and the European Union later always have played as a “lighthouse” for all those Turkish politicians and local reformists who used to fight in order to make Turkey “great again”, as we could put it down nowadays. Anyway, relations between the two have changed across time: “Everybody’s clear that, currently at least, Turkey […]

Employment and Social Affairs

Eu-Israel: years of uncertain relationship

Relations between EU and Israel could be considered very good, although characterized by some major open issue at the political level. The European Union, for example, expressed serious concern after U.S. President Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, saying it could have repercussions for peace prospects. The EU has a mediation role […]

EU funding opportunities

BlueInvest Grants: Investing in Blue Innovation

The Blue Economy Window calls for proposals 2019 address the challenge of developing and bringing to market new products, services, and business models for SMEs that could create profitable activities. ‘BlueInvest Grants’ will support projects accelerating innovation in the blue economy, demonstrating high potential in terms of company competitiveness and growth underpinned by a strategic […]


Migration and the agenda

On June 21th, the European Council met in Brussels to adopt the EU’s strategic agenda for 2019-2024. The time and place is very significant, as summer is the period during which, in particular, the migration issue is tackled and discussed. However, this year, it didn’t appear at the top of the EU’s priorities list and […]

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