EU week of Regions and Cities

The event on which this issue of NEU is focused has been very important for one of the main and most effective actors in the EU policymaking, the Local Authorities, and in particular the Regions and the Cities. As many of our readers know, Regions are pivotal in asking for EU funds and are the […]


The economic outlook by the Committee of the Regions for the EU’s economy

The European Union’s Committee of the Regions (CoR) is an EU level body which deals with the local issues and polices across the European Union Member States. This body is composed by more than 300 elected representatives of the local and regional municipalities, and it convenes several times during the year in its headquarters in […]


The role of smart cities to limit the COVID 19 crisis

Over half of the planet now lives in cities, and more than two-thirds of the world’s population will be urbanized by 2050. Cities are proactively working across borders to build coalition networks and resist nationalist policies. They contribute to four-fifths of global GDP, and are taking centerstage in securing an inclusive, safe, productive, sustainable, and […]

External Relations

Covid-19 and Aviation: when the prestige is at risk

Aviation, conceived in its two dimensions of military security tool and symbol of national prestige, represents a peculiar economic sector – with influences coming from many and different scientific and political fields (for example trade, energy, sustainable economy, defense and security, and so on). First, military security. One of the “eternal truth” that we hold […]

Employment and Social Affairs

Pandemic’s heavy impact on local economies in the EU

Regions and cities will be at the core of Next Generation EU: in her remarks at the 18th European Week of regions and cities (held virtually until 19th October), European Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen praised the vital role of regional and local actors in the process aimed at relaunching economy after Covid-19 pandemic. […]

EU funding opportunities

HORIZON 2020 – Call for proposals “Research and innovation in support of the European Green Deal

The European Commission recently launched the call for proposals ‘Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: Research and innovation in support of the European Green Deal’. This is the latest call under Horizon 2020, which allocates about 1 billion euros available for research and innovation projects tackling the climate crisis and environmental challenges, in accordance with […]


Are migrants really included at local level within the EU?

The Syrian war which erupted in 2013, brought into the global agenda a new problem: massive migration flows. The main routes were from the Middle East towards the (Western) Europe, which inaugurated the EU as the most prominent political actor in the European continent to deal with the then newly crisis. Even before the migrant […]

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