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After the summer break NEU is back. And our focus for this number is on the EU/China summit. It is our tradition as Europeans to often analyze the world on the basis of categories which are always related to the Western world i.e. Europe and the United States. In the meanwhile, during the last 30 […]


Could G2 become a new potential global economic axis?

Constant global economic growth is being significantly dependent on wider political cooperation among major political players within the “big chess table”. Political scientists have developed thesis according to which, the XXI century is announced as the “century of China”. Its continuous development of its ways towards the global West lasts for more than a millennium, […]


The EU-China Energy dialogue: a win-win game

The EU-China Energy Dialogue took place shows the importance of energy in their bilateral relations. Both China and the EU are highly dependent on imports of fossil energy sources and respectively represent approximately 22 and 12.5 % of global energy consumption. They are faced with many similar challenges in the pursuit of energy security and […]

External Relations

A new giant on the rise? Why the EU-China G2 is stronger than the US-China version

Competition and convergence. These two words might be perceived as opposite, but it comes to a philosophic synthesis when they apply to the EU-US partnership. These two contrasting forces found a stable compromise into a rules-based order – the North Atlantic Partnership. Anyway, since Mr. Trump moved to the White House, lots of things have […]

Employment and Social Affairs

EU-China connectivity agenda

The possible cooling down of Transatlantic relations, rising from the election of Donald Trump as US president, highlight once more the importance for EU to look toward East. China, in this new vision, is one of the key partner in several fields of cooperation, also as regard the huge Initiative kowkn as “One Belt One […]

EU funding opportunities

European Cooperation Projects 2018

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency has recently published some previews on 2018 call for proposals in support of “ European Cooperation Project”  in the framework of Creative Europe. The call for proposals for European Cooperation Projects 2018 is expected to be published in late September 2017, and interesting news are about to come. […]


Western Balkans Route: really “closed”?

As a consequence of the record number of migrants arriving in Greece in 2015, the people who entered the EU in Greece tried to make their way via the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia into Hungary and Croatia and then towards western Europe. This led to unprecedented numbers of migrants seeking to re-enter the […]

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