Is economy the EU’s only remaining trump card?

Estimated time of reading: ~ 3 minutes The 9/11 horrors continue to resonate with the world even though almost two decades have passed since the terrorist attacks. Many analysts agree that the events of 2001 reversed the way the international system works. According to many views, the terrorist attacks and then the actions taken by […]


The leading role of Europe on climate change after Fit for 55 Package

Estimated reading time: ~ 3 minutes Reducing CO2 emissions is the main objective of the EU climate policy. To this end, the European Commission recently presented the ambitious “Fit for 55” Package, a set of measures that aim to place the EU on the road towards a 55% Green House Gas Emissions (GHGE) reduction by 2030, the […]

External Relations

The EU after 9/11: a new era for EU external relations

Estimated time of reading: ~ 4 minutes Since the West experienced terror attacks in New York, Madrid and London, the European Union became a relevant counter-terror actor. If 9/11 in New York represented an accelerator for the rapid approval of measures both in the US and the EU, whose implementation raised more than one eyebrow at […]

Employment and Social Affairs

What lesson for the EU after 20 years in Afghanistan?

Estimated time of reading: ~ 5 minutes Twenty years have passed since 9/11 dramatically changed daily lives of many people in the world: the failure of the “Western” model, highlighted in those days by the tumultuous end of NATO mission in Afghanistan, raises new challenges in the new global order and, for the EU, poses […]

EU funding opportunities

#BeInclusive EU Sport Awards

Estimated time of reading: ~ 2 minutes The #BeInclusive EU sport Awards 2021 is an EU prize in the field of Sport under the Erasmus+ Programme. It aims to reward the best projects that have successfully supported social inclusion through sport. Projects can include disadvantaged, marginalized or underprivileged groups such as individuals with difficult social, […]


Chicken and egg story in who creates the history: crises of migrants?

Estimated time of reading: ~ 4 minutes How old is a chicken or egg story, is never a solved issue. Social phenomena, such as those manifested in international relations, sometimes have a cyclical repetition, so that it is not possible to determine which variable causes the appearance of another. Migratory movements have been a phenomenon […]

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