The Italian Financial Law and the EU

Italy is coming to a turning point of its economic policies and of the level of the international standing of its new so called yellow-green Government. The financial law will shade light on the many expectations of both the markets and the other governments about the country’s performance. This fact has much to do with […]


An Italian Modern Fairytale

At the 2016 World Economic Forum edition, in Davos (Switzerland), the Italian Prime Minister Mr Matteo Renzi announced that Italy “should not be a European museum, but its future”. This meant that Italy was ready to further open its stock exchange markets to the world’s financial centres. He argued that Italian economy “deserves to become […]


RES Italiae – Renewable Energy Sources in Italy

Any form of energy, which is acquired from natural sources that can constantly be replenished is regarded as a renewable energy. The most common types of renewable energy around the globe include solar energy (sunlight), bio-energy (organic matter), wind energy (wind currents), geothermal energy (heat from the earth), ocean energy (sea) and hydropower (moving water […]

External Relations

The Italian DEF and Flaws: No Funds for the Security Policy

The Italian government, currently run by the League and the Five Star Movement, recently announced its Economics and Finance Document, after days full of worries and harsh negotiations. When everything started, even though the Italian Minister of Economics Tria was particularly concerned about boosting public expenditure with a wider deficit in the Balance of Payments, […]

Employment and Social Affairs

The Long Road Toward a More Integrated Defence in the EU

The European Union started a process of closer cooperation in security and defence. Recently, 23 Member States agreed to step up the EU work in this area. They also acknowledged that enhanced coordination, increased investment and cooperation in developing defence capabilities are key requirements to achieve significant results in the field. In mid-February, during the […]

EU funding opportunities

CoSME: Co-financing of Consortia for Public Procurement of Innovation

The Executive Agency for SMEs, the EASME, launched a new call for proposals aimed at strengthening the competitiveness and the sustainability of European companies. The call, which is particularly focused on SMEs, will support consortia promoting innovation-oriented public procurement with the scope to   significantly increase the proportion of SMEs that have access to the public […]


Italian DEF and the Migration Policy

On the 4th of October the Italian Government presented the update note to the so-called “Document on Economy and Finance” (DEF). It is usually published around the 10th of April but this year, because of the general elections, the former Government headed by Paolo Gentiloni of Partito Democratico didn’t show a “real” DEF but just […]

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