The European Digital Revolution

The subject of this issue of NEU has been central also for Maggioli events here in Brussels institution. Several times, in fact, our Group tried to show his commitment to one of the most discussed and influential themes today. What is happening is in fact part of a broad change which affects both our lives, practices […]


Is the Digital Single Market a New Economic Chance for the EU?

We have heard about the Digital Single Market for longer than we thought. The Strategy for the Digital Single Market has been published in 2015, when Jean Claude Juncker announced urbi et orbi his intention to form and foster the a European Digital Market, within his mandate. The three years–old Strategy presents many notable solutions, with many […]


The Digital Energy Revolution

There is a lot of uncertainty about what the energy sector will look like in the near future. It will indubitably be very different from the current paradigm that is already very different from what we experienced in the recent past. The drivers for this transition are structural and deep. Firstly, the close interweaving between […]

External Relations

What is Digital Diplomacy? A Brief Guide for Users

“My God, this is the end of diplomacy!” – Reported reaction of Lord Palmerston, British Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary, on receiving the first telegraph message in the 1850s. The transformation of communications is one of the most evident side–effects of living in the “liquid society” theorised by the philosopher Bauman. Therefore, diplomacy had to […]

Employment and Social Affairs

The Long Road Toward a More Integrated Defence in the EU

The European Union started a process of closer cooperation in security and defence. Recently, 23 Member States agreed to step up the EU work in this area. They also acknowledged that enhanced coordination, increased investment and cooperation in developing defence capabilities are key requirements to achieve significant results in the field. In mid-February, during the […]

EU funding opportunities

BBI Call for Proposals is About to be Published

On the 17th of April, BBI JU (Bio–Based Industry Joint Undertaking) will organise its fifth Info Day & Brokerage event in Brussels, following the official launch of the 2018 Call for proposals which is foreseen for the 11th of April. This event is aimed at companies and research organisations that are interested in European Funding […]


Migrations and Fake News

Already in July 2014, Jean-Claud Junker, at the time still a candidate for the presidency of the European Commission, had a clear idea about the importance of a Connected Single Digital Market. Many benefits are expected from its creation, but it is first necessary to establish common rules among all the EU Countries. In order […]

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