The Asian trouble

Russia, North Korea, China, Ukraine. Asia has become in these days the centre of the international relations. Not only the Middle East historical problems, but also the Far-East. Is it an awakening of a giant? We are speaking about a portion of the world that for its largeness and numbers, has possibly been undervalued in […]


China: A status quo penetrator or inexplicit assertive player?

As one of the most influential and dynamic states in the modern world, China`s initiation of new philosophy in external affairs has drew attention of the world`s public. Recent crises occurring in the Korean peninsula and military tensions in the South China Sea should have dramatically triggered more assertive Chinese foreign policy. But that did […]


The issue of energy between Europe and Asia

Asia is of strategic and security importance for the European Union. Therefore the EU’s relationship with Asia has become more comprehensive, expanding from its initial focus on economic and trade matters to encompass the political, strategic and security dimension. As a provider of peace and stability through effective multilateralism and integration, the EU is supporting […]

External Relations

The Asian Chess Game

Recent developments in international relations showed the whole world how second-order-actors have anyway the power to shape the global security agenda. As far as the Asian continent is concerned, this intuition become even more clear with a number of confirming examples. First of all, this is the case of North Korea. There, deep down in […]

Employment and Social Affairs

The EU in Asia: no need for competition with Russia

Despite the fact that EU-Asia relations are expanding, and that Brussels is seeking an increasingly close relationship with the Asiatic continent much more need to be done in order to fulfill a comprehensive approach to the region. Recent foreign policy developments has highlighted once more the importance to have a strong policy toward Asia, that […]

EU funding opportunities

BBI calls for proposals are open!

The Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking has recently published new calls for proposals. Operating under Horizon 2020, the BBI JU is a new €3.7 billion Public-Private Partnership between the EU and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC). The public-private partnership aims at increasing and spreading investment in the development of a sustainable bio-based industry sector in Europe, […]


Commission’s Communication on the protection of children in migration

On 12 April 2017, the European Commission publlished a long awaited set of policy guidelines to reinforce the protection of migrant children at all stages of the processes that concern them. First announced in the European Agenda on Migration (May 2015), this Communication has been central in the advocacy work of key NGOs and international […]

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