EU Multiannual Financial Framework

On the 21st July, the European Council took a very important decision, after four days of intense and often difficult negotiations. The agreement was found on an amount of money which is high: 1.82 trillion Euros long-term budget including a temporary recovery instrument, Next Generation EU. For the first time, to fund this new instrument, […]


The rocket science behind the multiannual financial framework

“There have been 96 hours of work; zero hours of fun” was stated by the official Instagram profile of the Hungarian Prime Minister, Mr. Victor Orban last week. Aside his quite negative sentiment towards the official Brussels (but hopefully not the EU idea itself?), Mr. Orban has called into question a very important issue that […]


A European Green future after Covid-19

  The COVID-19 pandemic has left no country and person untouched. It has changed our healthcare systems and the way we work, travel and study. Many had assumed that the last economic crisis was a once-in-a-generation event – yet here we are, on the brink of the biggest economic downturn since the Second World War. […]

External Relations

Covid-19 and Aviation: when the prestige is at risk

Aviation, conceived in its two dimensions of military security tool and symbol of national prestige, represents a peculiar economic sector – with influences coming from many and different scientific and political fields (for example trade, energy, sustainable economy, defense and security, and so on). First, military security. One of the “eternal truth” that we hold […]

Employment and Social Affairs

A bittersweet agreement on EU’s MFF 2021-2027

European Union institutions have started talks on the implementation of the huge Recovery package that is linked to the next Multiannual financial framework (MFF) 2021-2027. The aim is also to conclude an agreement with the European Parliament, which demands significant improvements to the plans agreed on in the last four days European Council from 17 […]

EU funding opportunities

Competence centres for social innovation

European Social Fund and European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation launched a call for proposals aimed at supporting the establishment and development of organisations that do or can assume the function of a social innovation competence centre in an EU Member State. Their main functions would be: Capacity building: to build capacities of key […]


The multiannual financial framework (MFF) allocation for migration

It remained below our radar that the EU needs to face another challenge ahead in this turbulent year. Beside fighting the “invisible enemy”, the EU leaders must adopt the next seven-year term multiannual financial framework. The seven-year budget is institutionalized way of determining how does the EU allocate its financial capabilities, and at the same […]

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