With no doubt we decided to close this season of NEU with THE issue of the moment. We wanted to call it migrations, plural, because we believe that this is not a defined, unique and clear phenomenon. But a fact that is lived and experienced by many of us. There are migrations from the war; […]


Immigrants Outside the EU – at What Cost?

The latest EU summit was held in Brussels on June 28-29 and the most discussed issue was migration. After the almost 10-hours marathon, some European leaders took care of the migration division within the EU. The head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, announced with a tweet that the EU leaders had reached an agreement […]


Morocco’s Progress Towards Green Energy and Its Challenges

Morocco is poised to lead the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in renewable energy. Indeed, Morocco has a strategic location in the North West of the African continent and is only 14 kilometers from Europe, across the Strait of Gibraltar. In addition, it has varied relief — the Atlas and Rif Mountains, the […]

External Relations

A “New” Captain for the Italian Government for Change

A law professor without political experience was finally appointed as Italy’s new Prime Minister on Friday afternoon. Born in Puglia, southern Italy, Conte currently lives in Florence, where he teaches civil law at the University. When he joined the Five Star Movement, he showed to back center–left political ideals. This is not the first time […]

Employment and Social Affairs

The Long Road Toward a More Integrated Defence in the EU

The European Union started a process of closer cooperation in security and defence. Recently, 23 Member States agreed to step up the EU work in this area. They also acknowledged that enhanced coordination, increased investment and cooperation in developing defence capabilities are key requirements to achieve significant results in the field. In mid-February, during the […]

EU funding opportunities

Speeding Up EU Industrial Modernisation

DG Growth call for proposals – Speeding up EU industrial modernisation by improving support for pan-European demonstration facilities – the 3D printing case   Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is one of so-called advanced manufacturing technologies, which offers potential for the modernisation of the European industry. Nevertheless, developing key facilities and appropriate economies of scale […]


Informal and Formal Councils

During the last two weekends we have seen a huge effort by the European Prime Ministers to try to fix the migration issue. At first, there was an informal meeting with many, but not all, Head of Government on the 23th and 23th of June. In this meeting the European leaders tried to achieve a […]

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