The Italian Government

Finally we have it. Italian Government was voted and is now officially in power. Pres. Conte has the votes of both M5S Movement and Lega, assuring him a majority in both Camera dei Deputati and Senato (few votes in the second case). No doubt that has to be the issue for us today. Will the […]


A New Eurozone Crisis Manager

After months of uncertainty, Italy has got a new government. Italian political scene besides being very dynamic, seems to be the furious hotspot of Europe. However, the new Prime Minister of Italy has been appointed and the swing again started to cradle. What are the Italian macroeconomic indicators and could Italy become a new Eurozone […]


The Italian Gas Market: What Future with the New Italian Government?

The Italian gas market has always been characterized by long–run national policies, determined by long supply contracts and by the predominance of gas for domestic heating and for industrial activities in the energy basket. Thus, the succession of governments has a modest impact, even though the infrastructures and international agreements may be affected somehow by […]

External Relations

A “New” Captain for the Italian Government for Change

A law professor without political experience was finally appointed as Italy’s new Prime Minister on Friday afternoon. Born in Puglia, southern Italy, Conte currently lives in Florence, where he teaches civil law at the University. When he joined the Five Star Movement, he showed to back center–left political ideals. This is not the first time […]

Employment and Social Affairs

The Long Road Toward a More Integrated Defence in the EU

The European Union started a process of closer cooperation in security and defence. Recently, 23 Member States agreed to step up the EU work in this area. They also acknowledged that enhanced coordination, increased investment and cooperation in developing defence capabilities are key requirements to achieve significant results in the field. In mid-February, during the […]

EU funding opportunities

H2020: Demonstration Pilots for Implementation of Personalised Medicine in Healthcare will open on July

On the 26th of July the call “Demonstration pilots for implementation of personalised medicine in healthcare” (H2020-SC1-BHC-2018-2020) will be opened. As part of the Work Programme Health, demographic change and wellbeing, the call is aimed at moving towards the effective integration of personalised medicine approaches into healthcare services and systems to the benefit of patients […]


The New Italian Government and Migrations

While you are reading this article Italy should already have a new Government, approved by the two Houses of the Italian Parliament with two different votes of confidence. For the two parties, Lega and 5 Star Movement, of this coalition migration has always been a key issue. In the past Lega, when it was more […]

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