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The European Commission launched the first edition of the RESPonsible Island Prize, a competition funded by the Horizon 2020 programme dedicated to the islands with an innovative and sustainable local renewable energy production to be used for electricity, heating, cooling and transportation.

The title is inspired by RES (short for Renewables) and “responsible” to highlight the citizen in the centre of the energy system.

Islands often have high local energy costs but can benefit from the transition to renewable energy sources in many ways, including creation of local jobs and opportunities for sustainable tourism.

There are more than 2000 inhabited islands in the EU. They are ideal test labs to develop innovative energy technologies and can serve as energy transition models for small communities in general.

The prize will highlight realized achievements and best practices in reaching the potential of renewable energy for covering electricity, heating, cooling and transport needs in off-grid societies, and in the introduction of innovative technologies to the market. It will be a recognition of a responsible local society committed to expanding the share of renewables. It will also provide excellent visibility for citizens participating in the promotion of innovative renewable energy technologies.

The prize is in line with the objectives of the Political Declaration on Clean Energy on EU Islands and the Smart Islands Initiative and will contribute to Mission Innovation Challenge 2 (“Off Grid Access to Electricity Innovation Challenge”).

The participating island shall be located within the territory of an EU Member State (including Overseas Countries and Territories linked to them) or an H2020 associated country and the prize is open to any legal entityor group of legal entities representing the respective island.

The prize will be awarded to the entry that best addresses the following cumulative criteria:

  1. The share of renewable energy produced by innovative energy technologies on the island respective to the energy consumed on the island for electricity, heating and/or cooling and transport
  2. Environmental and socioeconomic sustainability and impact of the renewable energy solution
  3. Citizen and community involvement
  4. Replicability of the solution

The three winners will be awarded a prize respectively of €500.000, €250.000 and €100.000

Deadline for submission is 26 September

More information are available here

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