A strong Union needs strong networks


In a period of international crisis, both from a strategical and political point of view, a strong and unitary voice from the European Union has been really missing. Each national Member State is caring more and more about its domestic affairs and, even electoral campaigns are not focused on the European political area. Motivations? There are too many policy realms that are still and only in the hands of the States, not of the Union.

From this point of view, European capitals are different from Brussels. There is no consolidated practice in building relations, international exchanges and lobbying partnerships. There is not a unique and viable economical and political road to growth in the common interest of the Member States of the UE. And, even worst, this also happens in the field of defense and security policies.

Could it be a solution to create stronger and more expanded policy networks also at a national level? Could it  be that this time what happens in Brussels represents a solution for a Europe that appears too much divided? Could it also be that a more international point of view is needed to arrive to that? Yes it could be.

And in this case, all of this in Brussels is just reality.

Damiano De Rosa
Chief editor – NEU

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