Today it is time for Britons to cast their votes on Brexit


The referendum campaign on the Brexit came to an end. The tone of the election campaign were brutal, as the Brexit side poisoned the atmosphere. Xenophobia and racism spread, primarily because of the right-wing Ukip party, led by Niger Farage.

Brexit campaigners stress the need to exit immediately from a failure such as the European Union. The European institutions are not elected by citizens and the Commission cannot be sacked as a Government could. United States of Europe behind citizens’ back. The European Union is strongly conditioned by the power of Germany, which has also affected the Greek elections. For this reason, Europe has no common foreign policy, its common market is too small while the problem of immigration has increased.

Those in favour of remaining stress the need for Britain to remain multiethnic, multicultural, liberal and tolerant. And this result has been achieved thanks to immigrants, in particular Pakistanis. They also point out that immigration is an effect of globalization, and that there are no simple solutions to complex problems like these. Moreover, they say that the European Union is part of the solution.

But today it is time for Britons to cast their votes on whether the UK should remain or leave the European Union. Whatever other option has been excluded by Germany and the European Commission. There is no preferential trade agreement then, either the UK is wholly in the Union, or it is totally out.

Among those who would suffer the most the negative effects of Brexit, there are also those UK citizens living in Spain. In case of UK exit from the European Union, their purchasing power would be reduced due to the the pound devaluation. As a consequence, Spanish real estate and tourism market would probably suffer, because fewer Britons would invest abroad.

Massimo Turci

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