• Nothing new under the sun


    Electric cars are not new. Actually, their origin dates back to 1836, long before the internal combustion engine, which led to commonly used cars, was invented. United Kingdom and France were the first European countries to produce electric cars since the late XIX century; then, the US followed, with electric cars being used on a […]

  • Youth Guarantee: a step forward to structural reforms in Europe?

    Employment and Social Affairs

    The Youth Guarantee is likely to be one of the top priorities of the new European Commission, if the request for further acceleration and progressively broadening of the scheme, called by the president Jean Claude Juncker during his speech at the European Parliament, will be confirmed. But which results have been achieved so far and […]

  • Electronics: Call for proposals opened on 15 October

    EU funding opportunities

    An important investment of more than 100 million euro is made available from the European Union in a Call for proposals opened on 15 October. The call features two important topics in the field of electronics; specifically, Generic micro- and nano-electronic technologies (ICT-25-2015) and Cross-cutting ICT KETs (ICT-28-2015). The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector […]

  • What’s happening to the Eurozone?


    Since the crisis started seven years ago, each claim that the Eurozone’s recovery was imminent has been regularly disappointed. Latest projections of Eurostat show a stagnant outlook for the Eurozone, growth in the second quarter of 2014 was 0% compared to the previous quarter. This has triggered a downward revision for real GDP growth in […]

  • First CEF Transport Call for Proposals launched

    EU funding opportunities

    In the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program, the 2014 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals have been launched. The CEF program constitutes a key instrument to promote growth, jobs and competitiveness through investments on essential infrastructures at European level, between 2014 and 2020. The facility is aimed at supporting the development of efficient […]

  • A Greek Commissioner for a new portfolio


    The new Commission’s team foresees a Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs and the designated Commissioner is Dimitris Avramopulos, the current Greek Minister of National Defence. Jean-Claude Junker has often stressed that a better management of migration and Europe’s borders, together with a stronger fight against irregular migration will be priorities in the next years […]

  • The bitter recurrence behind EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

    External Relations

    On 16th September the European Parliament and Ukraine’s Rada ratified the bilateral Association Agreement in a spectacular parallel session. Among its provisions, the Agreement strengthens bilateral dialogues and deepens cooperation in several domains (as transport and energy), while also binding Kiev towards a more stable path on internal liberalisations and rule of law reinforcement. Moreover, […]

  • The Russian deterrent gas trap


    While Europeans’ perception is that Europe needs Russian gas, actually it is exactly the other way around. So far, Putin has cleverly played: last spring, he agreed to sell gas to China at $350 per thousand cubic meters and provide new pipelines infrastructures, which will cost $50bn. Definitely, a good deal for China and in […]

  • The new social face of the European Commission

    Employment and Social Affairs

    From the socialist László Andor to the Christian-democratic Marianne Thyssen, the employment portfolio of the European Commission is not only changing face but also political colour. The Belgian politician, member of the European Parliament for the EPP since 1991, has been designated commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility by the elected President […]

  • A great challenge


    Here we are. The first number of NEU is out. A great challenge for Gruppo Maggioli. In a new European panorama that we are beginning to approach, although coming from a well-established expertise in specialized periodicals for the Public Administration, professionals and companies in Italy. The Brussels’ arena is full of newsletters. This is the […]

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