Between commitment and concern


Crucial weeks ahead – and backward – for the European Union. After another carnage in the Mediterranean Sea, European countries and leaders were forced to consult each other about the never-ending exodus from the Libyan coasts. Since 2015 started, almost two thousands immigrants lost their lives trying to reach Italian most southern islands, especially Lampedusa, a gem in the blue, now become a cemetery for the desperate, but also a global example of humanity and solidarity.

With the closing of the European Council special meeting, leaders agreed to improve Operation Triton, providing new resources and more help for Italian coastguards and humanitarian operators facing this continue emergency. Unfortunately for Italy, partners yet denied to help in receiving and accommodating immigrants and refugees fleeing from critical areas, such as Syria or Nigeria. United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron said fiercely that this people are not welcome on the crown’s territory: a statement driven by the thought of forthcoming internal political elections, programmed for next Thursday, 7th May.

Surveys reveals a too-close-to-call race between Cameron’s Conservatives and Ed Miliband’s Labour: thus, for British, but also for European politics, whoever will take office at Downing Street next week, could change the whole pattern of EU integration and development. Results could depend from the votes gained by Nigel Farage’s eurosceptic and fast growing Ukip: clearly, eyes from Brussels are pointing beyond the English Channel.

Francesco Maltoni 
Legal editorial team Gruppo Maggioli

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