Employment and Social Affairs News Digest – 03/05/16

Employment and Social Affairs

Once a week, NEU offers a selection of relevant news on issues related to Employment and Social Affairs.

Workers Day Across the EU: What is the Employment Situation?
By NEU – Newsletter for the European Union

__PHW50_MAY-DAY-FRANCE_0501_11-1462131418_102_430011_largeOn Sunday, Trade unions and other groups staged rallies and other events to celebrate International Workers Day. But what is the Employment situation in Europe nowadays? EU’s economy continues its slow but consistent recovery, with a gradual increase in the employment rate and a gradual decline in the unemployment rate, the European Commission has highlighted in its last Quarterly Review on Employment. Read more here.

European Parliament Votes for Declared Domestic Workers
By NEU – Newsletter for the European Union

Domestic WorkersLast week, the European Parliament approved – by 279 votes to 105 – a resolution in favour of granting official status to domestic workers and carers in the EU. The text also demands adequate inspection methods to stop these crimes against domestic workers, such as exploitation, forced labour and human trafficking. Read more here.

EU Court of Justice: European Arrest Warrant not Binding if Threats Inhuman Treatment
By NEU – Newsletter for the European Union

European Arrest WarrantThe prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment of detainees could affect the execution of a European arrest warrant (EAW). The EU Court of Justice itself has highlighted that the EU member States that agreed to EAW must stick to article 4 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, prohibiting inhuman and degrading treatment. Read more here.

Jobs in ‘Security’ Are About to End
By Andre Coelho on BIEN – Basic Income Earth Network

corporate-security-officer-or-bodyguard-in-uganda-2Jobs in security are on the verge of obsolescence. Security jobs usually refer to night watchers, guards, soldiers, intelligence officers, police officers and so on. Armies, police, security companies and related industries employ millions of people worldwide, wielding vast amounts of power and influence on society and the natural world. However, and in spite of that, they are doomed. Why? Read more here.

Abortion in Europe: Most Doctors Won’t End Pregnancies in Italy
By Cassandra Vinograd and Claudio Lavanga on NBC News

Abortion ItalyGetting an abortion in Italy may be legal, but finding a doctor willing to perform one is anything but easy. The stats demonstrate the challenges in reconciling legislation with cultural attitudes in the overwhelmingly Catholic country which surrounds Vatican City. Read more here.

Tackling Trafficking For Labour Exploitation In Europe: New Way Forward Together
By Andrea Fromm on Social Europe

Preventing-Migrant-Labour-ExploitationThe European Union (EU) has strong legislation in place that protects workers from being exploited and also enables businesses to engage in fair competition. Workers are mobile and can move freely within the EU single market across borders – without being dependent upon traffickers. Yet, the latest Eurofound report shows that trafficking for labour exploitation in Europe does exist. Read more here.

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