The EU of equal opportunities: from scientific breakthroughs to economic governance – an EU that owes a lot to its female leaders. Is the EU really closing the gap?


In a European Union in which two of the apex governance positions are currently held by female leaders – namely the Presidency of the European Commission of Ursula von der Leyen and the Presidency of the European Central Bank of Christine Lagarde – the gullible eye could be led into thinking that equality of opportunities and overcoming of the glass ceiling is already a reality in the EU. However, data and statistics on female employment and a simple overview on country specific parliamentary and ministerial composition confirm that this impression is far from being true. Nevertheless, achieving gender equality is listed as a top priority by the European Commission and initiatives and fundings to achieve this goal have been growing in recent years.

To get a panoramic view of how far we’ve come and to understand challenges for the future in this context, which is nonetheless deeply intertwined with political, economic and social issues, enjoy this new NEU number!

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