The 22nd of March showed us a new dimension of the city we live in. A city with all the problems that we and the media know and emphasize. But also a city that revealed to the world its capacity of running through difficulties. A city which showed everybody that is not only a community of professionals, officials and stagiaires. But most of all a community of women and men. Who were in the metro, like every day. Or at the Zaventem airport, like every day. Or in the train, or in the bus. Like common, normal, human people. And vulnerable ones.

The coldness of bureaucracy finally turned to be all superficial. I personally saw so many demonstration of solidarity, consciousness, humanity, fraternity, that I have to say that this is not only the city I work in, but the city I love. A city which pays for the freedom and the opportunities it gave and gives to hundred thousands, including me. A city where I live and will continue to live in. A city of gentle, generous, open-minded heroes. The ones that are still there. And most of all, the ones who were affected in a way or another, by this tragedy. God bless them. God bless our chère Bruxelles.

Damiano De Rosa 
Chief editor – NEU

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