HORIZON 2020 – industrial leadership – Information and Communication Technologies calls for proposals

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On July 2019, the European Commission published updates on Horizon 2020’s Work Programme 2018-2020 Information and Communication Technologies and provided guidance on new calls for research and innovation projects foreseen in 2020.

The Information and Communication Technologies actions aim to intensify research activities in areas based on the most promising digital technologies that can provide a significant competitive boost to our economies, responding to society’s main challenges. Artificial Intelligence (AI), key technologies for digital transformation, advanced and intelligent connectivity with emerging 5G and next-generation Internet, including Blockchain technologies are some of the priorities of the new calls.

On November 19, further 10 topics of Horizon 2020’s Information and Communication Technologies calls were officially opened. Deadline for submitting proposals is 22 April 2020.

  • ICT-36-2020: Disruptive photonics technologies
  • ICT-37-2020: Advancing photonics technologies and application driven photonics components and the innovation ecosystem
  • ICT-40-2020: Cloud Computing: towards a smart cloud computing continuum
  • ICT-41-2020: 5G PPP – 5G innovations for verticals with third party services
  • ICT-46-2020: Robotics in Application Areas and Coordination & Support
  • ICT-47-2020: Research and Innovation boosting promising robotics applications
  • ICT-49-2020: Artificial Intelligence on demand platform
  • ICT-52-2020: 5G PPP – Smart Connectivity beyond 5G
  • ICT-57-2020: An empowering, inclusive Next Generation Internet
  • ICT-58-2020: International partnership building between European and African innovation hubs

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