Increase of gas price sparking unrest nations’ wide: Kazakhstan


Amidst the changes at EU level, gas price spike is on the verge again, however an even recent one touched upon us on Tuesday: the sudden and premature death of EP President David Sassoli. NEU’s team sends a heartfelt and a moved goodbye to a man who came to be known as a symbol of the communitarian spirit.

In this NEU number, we will explore how the government lifting of the price cap on liquified petroleum gas in Kazakhstan, effective from January first, will affect, among other countries and areas – namely all of Central Asia which makes a substantial use of Kazakh gas – the European Union.

In Europe gas price increase could mean two things: join policy actions to counteract said price spikes and acceleration of the energy transition towards different sources of energy.

To join the conversation on this topic, don’t miss this new NEU number, the first of 2022!

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