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The call supports information measures illustrating how the future future common agricultural policy (CAP) will contribute to the realization of the Commission’s political priorities, in particular the European Green Deal. In the framework of the European Green Deal, the European Commission specifically adopted the “From farm to fork” strategy and the biodiversity strategy for the 2030, which address issues relevant to agriculture and rural areas.


The general objective of the call is to build trust within the EU and among all citizens, farmers and non-farmers alike. The common agricultural policy (CAP) is a policy for all the citizens of the EU and the benefits that it provides to them must be clearly demonstrated. The focus should be on addressing misperceptions and disinformation about European agriculture and the CAP using facts and backed up with data with a view to raising public awareness on the relevance of EU support to agriculture and rural development through the CAP.


The target public is the general public and farmers and other parties active in rural areas. Specifically,

  • For school children, teachers and university students: novel approaches should be used to engage with young people and raise their awareness of the CAP and the contribution that it makes in many areas such as the climate change challenge, food, healthy and high quality eating.
  • For stakeholders: stakeholders should be more aware of the contribution that the CAP makes to the support of sustainability of agriculture.

Eligibility conditions

The actions supported under this call are mono-beneficiary actions. This means that there is one legal entity applying for a grant. The applicants must be legal entities established in an EU Member State (including overseas countries and territories).


The information measures should include one or several activities such as:

  • production and distribution of multimedia or audiovisual material;
  • web and social media outreach activities;
  • media events;
  • conferences, seminars, workshops and studies on CAP-related issues

Budget & Project Duration

The total available call budget is EUR 4 000 000. Grants awarded are expected to range between EUR 75 000 and EUR 500 000. Projects may not be longer than 12 months.

Deadline & official documentation

The deadline for the submission is 21 January 2021. The official documentation is available here

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