Number ten


This issue of NEU is our tenth number. For us a first, little goal reached. During these ten issues our audience has enlarged, the interest in what we write has grown, the identity we are step by step building seems clearer. And this is undoubtedly thanks to you, our readers.

We are trying not to thank you only in words, but also to enrich this newsletter and increasingly make it a reliable, interesting, original source of information. This was the aim of the first interview in our Editorial column, published in the previous issue of NEU.

More interviews are yet to come, along with more opportunities. This is the reason why we are trying to enlarge our team, as well as tailor our section on EU funding opportunities in a manner that whoever reads, from wherever in Europe, can find concrete and useful.

We can do it, as usual, only with your help.

Damiano De Rosa
Chief editor – NEU


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