REACTIVATE: New Call for Proposals of EU Job Mobility

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A call for proposals was launched by DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion to support the development of actions under a common scheme called “Reactivate” for the placement of EU citizens over 35 years in jobs.

This call covers a Preparatory Action called “Reactivate” is aimed to test an intra-EU labour market activation measure to support the inclusion of EU unemployed citizens aged 35+ in the labour market.

What is the REACTIVATE Action?

Since the outbreak of the financial and economic crisis, workers over 35 has also been severely affected by the job destruction, as a consequences of business downsizing, industrial decline, globalisation and delocalisation of manufacturing activities.

Therefore, the European Parliament proposed a new intra-EU job mobility scheme called “Reactivate”, in the form of a preparatory action. The scheme aims to support unemployed citizens in the 35+ age group, including long-term unemployed, to help them finding a job, traineeship or apprenticeship with at least 6 month duration in another Member State.

Reactivate will be featured as an intra-EU labour market activation measure, combining tailor-made recruitment, matching and placement services with financial support for jobseekers and employers (SMEs).

Objective of the Call and Type of Actions

The objective of the call is to support the development of actions under the “Reactivate” scheme for the placement of EU citizens over 35 years in jobs, traineeships or apprenticeships in an EU country other than their country of residence.

The actions will be targeted to citizens in a vulnerable situation in the labour market, such as  unemployed people.The action supported by the projects shall

deliver a comprehensive, tailor-made package of mobility services, combining customized activation measures with direct financial support to both the target group of EU citizens over 35 years of age and employers (in particular SME’s);

include at least information and assistance with offers and vacancies, matching these with candidates and the preparation of the placement /recruitment in a number of Member States involving jobs, apprenticeships and/or traineeships;

 – provide one or more items of direct financial support to both the target group of EU citizens over 35 years of age and employers (in particular SME’s).

Budget and Conditions of Eligibility

The total budget allocated by the Commission for the co-financing of projects under this call is around EUR 3,000,000. The EU grant requested should indicatively be between EUR 500,000 and EUR 750,000; thus the Commission expects to fund 4 to 6 projects. The Commission reserves the right not to distribute all the funds available.

Legal entities properly established and registered in EU countries with a profit or non-profit status are eligible as both lead applicants and co-applicants.

Application for this call as lead applicants is open to organisations specialised in work-based placements (information, recruitment, matching, placement and pre- and postplacement support ), as well as to public or private employment service.

Co-applicants can apply if they are public or private organization – including social partners – providing the same services as lead applicants and/or complementary customer-oriented services in other support fields (notably information, training, education, career guidance, mentoring, legal advice, integration support or other equivalent).

Actions must have the involvement of a minimum of four organizations, namely the lead applicant and at least 3 co-applicants. Those organizations must be settled in at least four different Member States where the applicant organisations are established.

Deadline for proposal submission: 1 July 2016.
More information and all official documents for this call can be found on the European Commission website:

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