The Belarus crisis


NEU is back. We hope you enjoyed this summer, even with all the problems and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 emergency. While the world is struggling against this virus, many things happened, and some of them are surrounded by the silence of the mainstream media. One crisis was anyway more covered than others. This happened with the Belarus crisis. We speak about a State which went to general elections and had its vote results officially not recognized by the European Union. In 2020 this means a lot. First of all for the fact that even the Institutions had to recognize that democracy is still undermined in our Continent; secondly, because this recognition allowed the debate to become public and to create the conditions to confront the different opinions openly. In this issue of NEU, we will try to summarize this debate adding our peculiar point of view, the one starting as always from the different policies and not only from politics itself.  We hope you will find our approach useful to have a clearer view on such a dangerous and important situation. Have a good reading.

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