Armenia-Azerbaijan dispute and the EU’s potential role


While the world is distracted by other important issues around (starting from pandemics, to go on with US general elections, and other similar big topics), something happened in Asia. Armenia is putting the blame on Turkey for the attack on a jet by a Turkish fighter who arrived from Ganja, Azerbaijan. The Turkish reaction has been one of complete denial of this accusation, such as the one of the Government of Azerbaijan itself. They claim for evidence. The episode happens in the context of a fight started Sunday 27th September between Armenia and Azerbaijan near Nagorno-Karabakh, a region which is claimed to be part of its territory by both the States, once part of the U.S.S.R.

This issue often forgot by the mainstream media is of huge importance for a number of reasons. Two main ones: the area where it happens (which sees Russia and Turkey as the main neighbors) and the fact that it puts the European Union again in a condition of choosing which is its role and how to play it.

The second issue will be our main focus of course, with a particular attention given to which are the elements that stop Europe by playing a main role in the international conflicts, when they are in one area or another. Could this situation be also another demonstration of what we still need to be considered at an international level as big players? We hope we can try to answer, also only partially, to this question.

Have a fruitful reading.

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