About NEU – Newsletter for the European Union


The ultimate challenge of Gruppo Maggioli has now a European reach.

NEU – Newsletter for the European Union is a source of information on the latest developments in key areas of European affairs, on forthcoming activities of EU institutions, as well as on important funding opportunities.

NEU is a fortnightly newsletter entirely in English, easily available by subscribing through the registration form.

All articles published in each issue are directly accessible on the newsletter website, and cover the most relevant topics in the European arena: Economy, Energy, Employment and Social Affairs, External Relations, EU Funding opportunities, Migrations.

The goal of Newsletter for the European Union is to provide readers with relevant updates and quality contents coming from contributors and editors of significant expertise.

NEU – Newsletter for the European Union is not only a tool, but a compass for companies, delegates, officials and professionals.


About Gruppo Maggioli


The story of the Maggioli Group began a century ago and has now crossed four generations alongside the evolving Public Administration and the free-line Professional linked to it.

The corporate mission is to stimulate and accompany innovation in public and private entities with products and services favouring technological and process evolution, thus simplifying things for citizens, professionals and companies. Taking knowledge, innovation and top level know-how into the Public Administration helping it to handle future challenges and respond to citizens’ needs better (even latent ones) by simplifying procedures and facilitating daily work; that is the Maggioli Group strategy pursued through 5 Business Units: Publishing and Conventions, Information Technology, Document Management, Managing Revenue and Service, Training and Consultancy.

The elements that link and make all these activities stand out are the ongoing search for quality and satisfying customer needs, adding value to direct and human relations, by strengthening the commercial organisation guaranteeing national coverage.

The Maggioli Group has always sustained absolute excellence values served by talented human resources and strong team spirit; values integrated with corporate social responsibility responding to new market needs, for an ongoing professional service to customers.

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