Editorial director

Nicola Frau

Nicola Frau works for Maggioli Group where he leads business development for Latam Area, is strategic advisor for business activities at targeted EU Institutions and for business development in Spain and Greece. He is also member of the board of Galileo Ingeniería y Servicios, a company of Maggioli Group.


Chief editor

Francesca Piatto

Francesca Piatto is a down-to-Earth professional who works at the intersection of EU policy and projects, community and technology. Since graduating with her Master in EU External Relations and International Migration from the University of Kent Brussels, Francesca has accrued a range of accomplishments ahead in the European Space sector, from lobby to project aspects.


Francesco Marino

Journalist and researcher, Francesco has covered European affairs for several years, with a specific focus on political and strategic issues. After studying in Rome and London, he started collaborations with various Italian and foreign publications and research centers.


Margherita Genua


Giovanni Asmundo

Giovanni AsmundoGiovanni is a current student of the Master in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs (Curriculum in European Studies) of the University of Bologna. He is writing his final dissertation about the American Interests Representation in EU and the related advocacy strategies. Giovanni worked for the Boeing Company in Brussels, in the Public Affairs and Government sector. From October the 1st he will be working for the Italian Permanent Representation to the EU.


Nenad Stekić


Nenad is a PhD candidate in security studies in University of Belgrade, and is a Research Assistant at the Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade. During his studies he did internships at the Institute of international politics and economics in Belgrade, and at the Serbian National Ombudsman service. He participated in numerous conferences such as World Forum for democracy in Strasbourg, European Forum Alpbach – Austria, and many MUN conferences of which the most significant one in the Hague. As a member of Young European Federalists (JEF Serbia section), Nenad is devoted to the European federalism, and also to academic researches. Nenadpublished dozens of academic articles in leading national scientific journals. His areas of interest are political regimes, military alliances and the EU CSDP.

He is fluent in English and actively learns Italian language.


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