EU Artificial Intelligence Act: its impact as emerging standard

In a historical period in which Artificial Intelligence has an ever-increasing resonance and application, the regulation of its use turns out to be a crucial issue: in this context, the European Union Artificial Intelligence Act, “the world’s first comprehensive AI law”, is set to be a prominent topic. For further information, don’t miss the next […]


EU Artificial Intelligence Act: its impact as an emerging standard on economy and financial aspects

Estimated time of reading: ~ 3 minutes   The EU Artificial Intelligence Act, proposed by the European Commission in April 2021, represents a groundbreaking effort to regulate AI technologies across the European Union. The act’s main objectives are to ensure the ethical use of AI, safeguard fundamental rights, promote innovation, and contribute to the economic growth of the […]


Energy and Artificial Intelligence: a challenge for the EU

Estimated time of reading: ~ 2 minutes   The energy sector could be deeply affected by new developments in Artificial intelligence (AI). This is especially true when it comes to renewable energies, which play an important role for future developments in the context of climate change and resource depletion on a global scale. AI can help the management of […]

External Relations

The EU and the climate diplomacy: what challenges for COP26

Estimated time of reading: ~ 3 minutes From October 31st to November 12th, journalists and analysts believe that the two partners UK and Italy, will host the world’s last chance to finally get climate change under control. Indeed, the COP26 in Glasgow will be the culmination of the work done by the UK Presidency and […]

Employment and Social Affairs

Social and economic impact of Artificial Intelligence in the European Union

Estimated time of reading: ~ 2 minutes   Artificial intelligence (AI) is clearly a powerful tool for the future development of technology and services, but it also brings many dangers for citizens and communities around the globe. The AI Act proposed by the European Parliament sets out new rules to address the various risk levels associated with artificial […]

EU funding opportunities

Co-create New European Bauhaus Call is now open

Estimated time of reading: ~ 1 minutes   The call aims to demonstrate new solutions for urban transformation with focus to local needs, connecting individuals and communities with nature and helping to transform value chains towards circularity. Proposals must consist of products and services and/or co-design of sustainable, inclusive public goods that address at least one of the […]


EU Artificial Intelligence Act: shaping migration, policing, and its emerging standard

Estimated time of reading: ~ 2 minutes   Recognising both the potential and the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI), the European Union has taken a significant step by introducing the EU Artificial Intelligence Act. This groundbreaking legislative proposal aims to regulate AI, protect fundamental rights, and position the EU as a global leader. The impact of the […]

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