NATO expansion into the EU: has the time arrived?

Estimated time of reading: ~ 1 minutes However extremely different in scope and objectives the EU and NATO are two organization that share a lot of common ground, metaphorically but most importantly, figuratively speaking. Institutions as NATO, that are not part of the common debate everyday are often forgotten or labeled by the public opinion […]


NATO and the Nordics’ countries economy

Estimated time of reading: ~ 3 minutes The Ukrainian crisis has triggered new geopolitical changes around the globe. One of those, is the NATO expansion to Sweden and especially Finland, the bordering country to the Russian Federation. This article briefly inspects whether the Finnish and Swedish economies are resilient nowadays and especially in context of […]


The European taxonomy for sustainable future

Estimated time of reading: ~ 3 minutes The “Taxonomy for sustainable activities” is a system that classifies activities and businesses according to their sustainability. The Commission started developing it back in 2020, aiming at redirecting private funds towards sustainable initiatives. At the core of the bloc’s sustainable finance policy, the EU Taxonomy aims to help […]

External Relations

The EU and the climate diplomacy: what challenges for COP26

Estimated time of reading: ~ 3 minutes From October 31st to November 12th, journalists and analysts believe that the two partners UK and Italy, will host the world’s last chance to finally get climate change under control. Indeed, the COP26 in Glasgow will be the culmination of the work done by the UK Presidency and […]

Employment and Social Affairs

Nato’s revival in Europe

Estimated time of reading: ~ 5 minutes Nato’s enlargement is moving faster, with the next adhesion of Finland and Sweden bringing Member States to 32, while EU’s expansion is not following the same revival. Furthermore EU’s enlargement is struggling, as it is highlighted by North Macedonia and Albania stalemate on the opening of the negotiation […]

EU funding opportunities

LIFE Preparatory Projects – Projects addressing ad hoc Legislative and Policy Priorities

The European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) has launched a call for proposals for EU action grants under the Programme for Environment and Climate Action (LIFE). The call covers 3 topics, respectively Nature and biodiversity, Circular Economy and Clean Energy Transition. Each project application under the call must address only one of these […]


Can the migration current outlook impede Nato alliance enlargement process?

Estimated time of reading: ~ 3 minutes NATO member Turkey waived its right to oppose Finland and Sweden’s admission to the Western Alliance. This put an end to the drama that lasted for several weeks and tried the allies’ ability to work together in opposition to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Turkey’s veto was lifted […]

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