Are European citizens aware of the COP28 deal? 

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As of 2023, everyone in Europe should be aware of the impact of climate change on the continent, no matter their political and cultural background. During the past twelve months, we have already faced one of the hottest summers ever recorded, several significant flood events, and localised flash flooding. In some areas of Europe, heatwaves lead to terrible wildfires, as in Greece, where eleven fires from 2017 to 2023 burned 23% of the Attica Region. At the same time, during the summer of 2022, many parts of Europe experienced drought conditions exacerbated by heat waves, with huge consequences for farmers, fishermen, and the whole food industry. As a recent research by the Climate Change Service (C3S) observes, in terms of the effects of the high temperatures on the human body, large parts of southern Europe saw up to two weeks of “very strong” heat stress, corresponding to a “feels-like” temperature of between 38 and 46°C over the season. 

This is why citizens all over Europe should be interested in the consequences of the Cop28 deal reached in Dubai, as well as be aware of the discussion during the summit. Climate experts and activists have already warned that the agreement, although signalling a shift from fossil fuels on paper, does not go far enough if we look at the overall context of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. The general fear is that too much room is still available for oil and gas-producing countries in the framework of the agreement. The role of natural gas as a transitional source could result in a production increase, which would affect the trajectory towards the climate goals. Citizens across Europe should throw their political support for a real advancement on the many arrangements on climate change reached in the last years, both on the EU and international level, as it is in their interest to move forward and fight all the adverse effects of global warming. 

Written by: Francesco Marino

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