• Stressed bank for stressed people


    On October 26, the ECB released the results of its “comprehensive assessment” on the European banking sector. It is composed of an Asset Quality Review and a Stress Test. The first, as the name suggests, estimates the quality of assets held by banks. The second one models the resilience of banks under adverse scenarios. 25 […]

  • ECHR rules on a case under EU Dublin Regulation


    The judgment of the case Tarakhel v. Switzerland issued by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on the 5th of November, turns once again the spotlight towards the Dublin System and the need to carefully assess the situation in the country of d estination before proceeding with the transfer of asylum seekers. In this case, […]

  • The growing support for Palestinian statehood

    External Relations

    As soon as the new social-democratic cabinet settled in Stockholm, Swedish Foreign Minister decided to recognize a state of Palestine; an unprecedented move, as it is the first time a Member State takes this initiative after having joined the EU. This drive is also symptomatic of the rising wave of support for Palestinian statehood. Only […]

  • An always open window


    Nowadays, it is impossible not to refer to the European scenario. With the Union embracing 28 member States, political, economic and social issues must consider their repercussions and consequences through all EU, as far as national they could be. Most of all, both public administrations and international organizations ask for new and updated instruments, in […]

  • Horizon 2020 Calls for Robotics are open

    EU funding opportunities

    The submission session is now open for proposals in Horizon 2020 Calls for Robotics ICT-24-2015. With an overall budget of 83 million euro, the call is based on the recognition that a consistent support to roadmap-based research is essential for attaining a world-leading position in the robotics market. The priorities are based on input from […]

  • Latest EASO report points out changes in asylum trends


    The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) published a new quarterly report, providing an overview of key asylum trends characterising the second quarter of 2014. Data analysed are applications for international protection made by asylum seekers and decisions made on those applications by European Member States and Associated Countries (EU+). Applications for international protection increased during […]

  • Germany’s turn?


    Clouds have gathered over the German economy in the last few months. Statistics show a GDP contraction in the third quarter of this year which led analysts to believe that the country may be entering a recession. Should we then conclude that even the German locomotive is coming to a halt in the crisis battered Eurozone? […]

  • EU 2020 employment target: an achievable goal?

    Employment and Social Affairs

    The economic crisis is making it harder for Europe to meet its employment target. As showed by the EU Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review, the tentative recovery which started in the spring of 2013 appears to have lost some momentum and, therefore, future developments in employment remain uncertain. Employment rate has increased in the […]

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