EU-Russia relations: a year later


Following the analysis of the state of the art of the relations between the European Union with the US and with China, the time has come with EU and Russia. After these months, it is clear that the world emerging from the pandemic will be very different from the one we knew, but Russia will probably continue to be a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma as Winston Churchill said. In the context of the relations between Brussels and Moscow, Sputnik V, the mysterious vaccine developed by the Russians but not yet approved by the EMA, could also play an important role. Will it be the Unexpected that will change the relations between the two Powers or another geopolitical weapon that the Kremlin will use to divide the countries of the Union once again, as already happened in recent years? The only thing we are sure of is that the relations between Europe and Russia have never been simple and their stories and interests have been intertwined for centuries. In this issue of NEU we will try to take stock of the situation and imagine future scenarios.

Enjoy the reading!

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