Climate and energy policies 5 years after COP21. Road to COP26 for a greener and sufficient EU


International policy has been dominated, in these last days of October, by discussions on energy supply, sustainability and sufficiency. Indeed, it is not a case that common debate has been steering in this direction since the Glasgow Climate Summit, COP26, that will take place from the 31st of October to 12th of November – marking 5 years from the Paris Agreement of December 2015 – and since climate change talk and energy provision are highly intertwined topics. And as if the carbon emission buzz couldn’t become louder, in the last couple of months events like China’s power cuts, the UK’s petrol crises and skyrocketing energy prices in Europe contributed to putting the spotlight on this topic, uncovering, as expected, causal links with Covid-19, Brexit and the Green revolution. To get to know more enjoy our latest NEU number!

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