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The call aims to demonstrate new solutions for urban transformation with focus to local needs, connecting individuals and communities with nature and helping to transform value chains towards circularity.

Proposals must consist of products and services and/or co-design of sustainable, inclusive public goods that address at least one of the Challenges based on the four themes of the NEB: 

  • Reconnecting with nature;
  • Regaining a sense of belonging;
  • Prioritising the places and people who need it most;
  • The need for long-term, life cycle thinking in the industrial ecosystem

In terms of public strategic development, projects will have to respond to at least one of the following target results: 

A: Better quality of defined public space through the implementation of the NEB approach;

B: Better quality of public space through the integration of local strategies/policies in the implementation of the NEB approach

Eligible entities are cities, regions or entities connected to them of EU Member States or associated with Horizon Europe, gathered in consortia from 2 to 4 partners, of which at least 2 are independent of each other.

The available co-financing contribution is equal to a maximum of 75% of the eligible costs, for an amount not exceeding Є 45,000 for each of the 8 proposals foreseen for funding, which will be implemented between February and December 2024.

The deadline is scheduled for October 16, 2023. 

Official documents to submit the application are available here

Written by: Margherita Genua

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