Coronavirus and the general state of climate change


This issue is about an important and urgent matter for all the world during these days. The Coronavirus coming from the Wuhan Region of China is reaching Europe and beyond with different intensity. The situation in China seems severe. Europe has put in place measures to isolate the virus and is trying to contain it, and we hope it will get better in Wuhan. But here and now is not the moment to panic. We do think that, while Governments take all the initiatives to prevent the enlargement of the expansion of the virus according to the global authorities’ guidelines, it is the moment to reflect about some links. First and most controversial, the general link between health and environment, climate change precisely. A connection not well explored yet, but essential to understand these days, and how and why this kind of situation originate and what changed in the global equilibrium to had it happen. Here there is, therefore, a rich, and we hope useful, number of NEU. Have a fruitful reading.

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