EU and US: a political dilemma


Elections in US are approaching.
Primary elections are going on, still not clarifying a really complicated and difficult situation in both the Democrat and Republican Parties.
Depending on the results of the competition, a new relation between Europe and America could start. It is not yet known if it will be better or worse than today. While historically the two powers have always been linked, politically the situation has always been not predictable.

A lot of people in the Brussels realm look at the US as, institutionally, the model to be reached by Europe. But how could this be even only imagined in the situation of despair that we are living today in the old continent? That is exactly why the dilemma will probably have more elements to be solved with the results of the US elections.

Will we have a US President which will enforce our Union, or will we have a new era of skepticism and isolationism? The sensation is that this time it will not depend only on the parties, but mostly on the people who compete. And everybody will play her/his game.
Let’s just only hope it will be a fair and useful one.

Damiano De Rosa 
Chief editor – NEU

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