Global Europe: from Davos onwards


Among the topics debated in Davos at the World Economic Forum, that most characterise and preoccupy the Greats of this ‘fragmented world’ had their rightful spotlight: climate action, with the presence of the activist Greta Thumberg, the increase in inflation expected as a result of China’s re-entry into the global market, and financial and military aid to Ukraine; these are certainly the issues that have been and will continue to be at the centre of international politics during 2023. In this context the EU, while advocating for the avoidance of  “disruptions in transatlantic trade” also urges its Member States to support their tech industries in order to time-proof the resistance of its economy, as a response to the recent US Inflation Reduction Act. For detailed coverage of the issues and conclusions that emerged during Davos 2023, don’t miss the latest issue of NEU.

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