Greek-Turkish border occurrences


This issue of NEU tries to shed a light on one fact that is neglected by the media during these days for the reason of the attention to the COVID-19 that we all know. While we understand every attention to the virus issue, we want also to underline that this topic of NEU represents one important, essential, crucial element in our identity and for our policies as Europeans. 

Thousands of refugees during the last days tried to come to the EU, passing through Greece and overcoming the Turkish borders. The result was a massive blockage of the flux of these people. The reactions about this behaviour have been various and we will try to make you a synthesis of them.

But most of all we will try to answer a one million dollar question: Can we still talk about a United Europe? A Union which has one precise idea of what to do, i.e. a team of Countries who try to collaborate more than fight, on the majority of the issues.

For all of these considerations, we hope that you will find some useful information here and we wish you a very useful and fruitful reading.

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