Horizon 2020 Calls for Robotics are open

EU funding opportunities

The submission session is now open for proposals in Horizon 2020 Calls for Robotics ICT-24-2015.

With an overall budget of 83 million euro, the call is based on the recognition that a consistent support to roadmap-based research is essential for attaining a world-leading position in the robotics market. The priorities are based on input from the Public-Private Partnership in Robotics between the European Commission and the robotics community.

The call features different type of actions:

a) Research & Innovation Actions – Advance key technologies relevant for industrial and service robotics, for a total amount of 50 million euro of funding in the fields of healthcare, consumer and transport;

b) Innovation Actions: Technology transfer, industry-academia cross-fertilisation. The actions concern professional and service robotics in areas such as manufacturing, commercial, civil, agriculture, healthcare, consumer or transport, for a total of 12 million euro of funding;

c) Innovation Actions: Technology transfer-Robotics use cases. The actions concern introducing, testing and validating promising and innovative robotics solutions in industrial and service sectors, with a total budget of 12 million euro;

d) Pre-commercial procurement in robotics. Demand-driven innovation actions will be pursued in areas of public interest, including pre-commercial procurement of innovative robotics solutions for the healthcare sector, for a total amount of 5 million euro of funding;

e) Coordination Actions: Community building and Robotics competitions. The actions involve support to networking, education, outreach, public awareness, industry-academia collaboration and building links to national programmes and initiatives. Another priority will be addressing ethical, legal, societal and economic aspects of robotics. The budget made available for the objective is 4 million euro.

The deadline for submitting proposals is on 14 April 2015.

To each type of actions correspond a specific EU funding rate: for Research and innovation actions and Coordination and support actions, the applicable rate is 100% of the eligible costs; for Innovation actions, EU contribution is equal to 70% of the costs.

More information on the call can be found in the Participant Portal website:

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