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Nowadays, it is impossible not to refer to the European scenario.
With the Union embracing 28 member States, political, economic and social issues must consider their repercussions and consequences through all EU, as far as national they could be.

Most of all, both public administrations and international organizations ask for new and updated instruments, in order to clinch a closer connection with the European Commission, the European Parliament and institutions in genre.
Addressing main topics in the field of European affairs will facilitate a major improvement in lifestyles, the creation of new opportunities, a better informed population plus stronger links between all stakeholders. Becoming an active part in society would help the Union regain the brightness it had in the early years.

For this reason, Gruppo Maggioli, one of the greatest and enduring Italian publishers working with every level of professionals and public administration, accepted the challenge and introduced NEU.
Newsletter for the Union is an open window which helps understand all major developments regarding EU policies, recommends new funding opportunities and sheds light on forthcoming perspectives in the European arena.

NEU is thus not only a tool, but a compass for companies, delegates, officials and professionals.

Francesco Maltoni
Legal editorial team – Gruppo Maggioli

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