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Building on the success of  Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency (2014-2020) programmes, the LIFE Clean Energy Transition sub-programme continues to support the delivery of EU policies in the field of sustainable energy. Within the LIFE programme, the Clean Energy Transition sub-programme has the following objectives:

  • develop, demonstrate and promote innovative techniques, methods and approaches to achieve the objectives of EU legislation and policy on the transition to sustainable renewable energy and energy efficiency and contributing to the knowledge exchange and the application of best practices;
  • support the development, implementation, monitoring and enforcement of EU legislation and policy on the transition to sustainable renewable energy or energy efficiency by improving governance at all levels and strengthening the capacities of public and private actors as well as the involvement of civil society;
  • catalyse the large-scale deployment of successful technical and policy solutions for the implementation of EU legislation on the transition to renewable energy energy efficiency by replicating results, integrating related objectives into other public and private sector policies and practices, mobilising investment and improving access to finance.

The call funds Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) which are aimed at breaking market barriers hindering the socio-economic transition to sustainable energy, by involving more small and medium-sized stakeholders, multiple actors including local and regional public authorities,  no-profit organisations, as well as consumers.

Projects co-financed under the LIFE Clean Energy Transition sub-programme cover the following five areas of intervention with the related calls for proposals:


Legal entities, public and private, established in one of the countries eligible for LIFE, i.e. EU States, including OCTs, international organizations.

For most topics a project proposal must be submitted by a partnership of at least 3 beneficiaries from 3 different eligible States. Exceptions are: LIFE-2022-CET-COMPLIANCE, LIFE-2022-CET-BUILDSKILLS, LIFE-2022-CET-FINROUND, LIFE-2022-CET-HOMERENO, LIFE-2022-CET-RENOPUB and LIFE-2022-CET-PDA, for which  a project proposal can be submitted by one entity only.

The calls will remain open until 16 November 2022.

Detailed information and documentation to participate can be found here

Written by: Margherita Genua

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