Measuring the pulse of Europe – upcoming elections for the EU Parliament


Editorial director: Nicola Frau

As the European Union prepares for its next parliamentary elections scheduled between 6 and 9 June 2024, the continent stands at a crossroads of profound significance. These elections, which occur once every five years, serve as more than just a democratic ritual; they are the cornerstone of the EU’s governance structure, embodying the collective will of its citizens and shaping the trajectory of European integration.

The 2024 EU elections arrive against a backdrop of unprecedented challenges and opportunities. From the enduring aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic to the imperatives of economic recovery and sustainability, the issues confronting Europe are manifold and complex. At the same time, the EU faces external pressures, from geopolitical tensions to evolving global trade dynamics, which demand adept leadership and cohesive policy responses.

Central to the democratic fabric of the EU is the principle of citizen engagement. Each vote cast in these elections is a testament to the power of democracy, a voice in shaping the future of Europe. It is incumbent upon every European citizen to recognize the weight of this responsibility and actively participate in the electoral process. The decisions made in the ballot box will reverberate far beyond national borders, influencing policies that impact the lives of millions across the continent.

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