Rumblings in the European Commission: what’s cooking from the European Central Bank to DG Comp


The European Commission, as the executive body of the European Union, is responsible for developing and proposing policies and actions to address a wide range of challenges and crises that may affect the EU. To deal with these crises, the European Commission adopts a series of plans and strategies that may include Economic Recovery Plans, Health Crisis Management Plans, Environmental Plans, Migration Crisis Management Plans, Conflict Response Plans.  It adopted in 2022 an ambitious work plan for 2023 to address the problematics that were affecting the lives of European citizens, and to increase the efforts aimed at achieving green and digital transformation, making the EU more resilient. With this in mind, the Commission aimed to support citizens and businesses, both by reducing energy prices, securing the essential supplies to the competitiveness of our businesses and our food security, and by strengthening our social market economy. To find out what the program’s developments have been and will be, don’t miss the next NEU number.

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