Waiting for a brand new season to come


Another year is gone. Also for NEU. We cannot say that this was a simple one, especially in its second part with the notorious crimes in Cairo, Paris, Beirut and in the US. With the feeling, became reality, that the world and Europe, in particular, are no more a peace heaven. With the clear certainty that something changed here in Brussels, where we lived days of terror and maximum alert for the first time after the last World War. But, in the ancient and recent history of our countries, a period of crisis always anticipates a new era of stability and progress. A new phase for humanity, for politics all around the world. And this is clearly what we think we do need.

A fresh start for each one of us, for our institutions, for the elements of stability and democracy which we built with so much effort through the years.  And so, with a look forward, not back, all the people working for NEU wish you a wonderful, new and peaceful 2016, of course following us again.

See you at the first number of NEU in 2016, on the 18th of January. Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Damiano De Rosa
Chief editor – NEU

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