Your first Eures Job: call for proposals open until October

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A call for proposals for projects implementing the Targeted Mobility Scheme “Your first EURES job” was launched by the Commission.

A call for proposals was launched by the European Commission to fund projects implementing the Targeted Mobility Scheme “Your first EURES job”.

Financed under the European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation “EaSI” 2014-2020, the scheme is an intra-EU labour market activation measure, combining tailor-made recruitment, matching and placement services with financial support for jobseekers and employers (SMEs).

Indeed, the programme is conceived to offer young EU citizens aged 18-35 support in looking for a job, traineeship or apprenticeship in another Member State. It is also meant to help employers, SMEs in particular, find the skills they need for their businesses.

 Actions eligible under the call

The European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation “EaSI” 2014-2020 is a European-level financing instrument managed directly by the European Commission, intended to promote gender equality and combat discrimination, while paying particular attention to vulnerable groups, such as young people. It also promote a high-level of quality and sustainable employment, guarantee adequate and decent social protection, combat long-term unemployment and fight against poverty and social exclusion.

The EURES axis of the EaSI programme aims basically at fostering workers’ geographical mobility and boosting cross border employment opportunities. In particular, it aims to foster transparency of job vacancies, applications and any related information for jobseekers, workers and employer; development of services for the recruitment and placing of workers in employment; cross-border partnerships.

Therefore, actions to be funded under this call will be aimed to support the implementation of the Targeted Mobility Scheme “Your first EURES job” by ensuring the provision of customised employment services and including innovative working methods to foster the placement and integration of mobile young workers in the host country(ies), together with financial incentives.

Budget, eligibility and deadline

To be eligible, both lead applicants and co-applicants must be legal entities properly constituted and registered in an EU Member State or another EaSI-EURES participating country, such as Iceland and Norway.

As for lead applicants, they must be EURES National Coordination Offices to be eligible while co-applicants can be either EURES member organizations or providers of the same services as lead applicants, as well as complementary customer-oriented services in other expertise fields.

The Commission decided to allocate a total budget for the EU co-financing of projects under this call up to 7,000,000 Euros. The Commission expects to fund 2 to 3 projects. Therefore, EU grant requested should indicatively be between 2,500,000 and 3,500,000, Euros.

Under this call for proposals, the EU grant may not exceed 95% of the total eligible costs of the actions.

 Deadline for proposal submission: 7/10/2016

More information on this call for proposals can be found on the Commission Website.

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