A great challenge


Here we are. The first number of NEU is out. A great challenge for Gruppo Maggioli. In a new European panorama that we are beginning to approach, although coming from a well-established expertise in specialized periodicals for the Public Administration, professionals and companies in Italy.

The Brussels’ arena is full of newsletters. This is the reason why we decided to tailor our content on you, and not invade your inbox with (another) sea of information in the ocean of the Eurobubble.

Our decision was and is different. We will make two numbers a month. But we will focus on something that has been really important for the European agenda in those fifteen days, in different policy areas.

And more than all, in each number you will find a section about European fundings and call for proposals, which has a practical and really clear goal: helping people who work in, for and with the projects. We believe that this will be the tool that will make our offer more and more useful, because we have the intention of caring much about it.

The rest is about you. Lift us up, and make us successful. After all, we do it because we believe in it. And you do not have to pay.

Damiano De Rosa
Chief editor – NEU

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