9/11, 20 years after: What are the challenges in the new global order and what role for the EU as a security player?


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2021 marks two decades after the tragic event of 9/11 in the USA. 20 years later we continue to live in what appears as an endless aftermath of a season of terroristic attacks, also in the heart of the European Union. Since 2001, and increasingly since 2015 and the infamous Paris terrorist attacks, things have changed in the European Union in terms of international and communitarian security awareness and proactiveness. The EU now has a crucial role as a security intelligence player, managing and easing the sharing of massive flows of precious data, files and information. The big challenge we face today, as opposed to 2001, is fighting terrorism and ensuring security in a fast-paced digital world, where unprecedented threats arise and sensible data are transferred instantaneously each day. To investigate this topic and analyses the different aspects it entails, we prepared this NEU number. From our team at NEU: Enjoy your reading!

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