AI and EU flag stars

The European approach to a new artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence sounds to most as the title for an advanced technological tool, what in fact we often miss to realize is that AI is present in every aspect of our everyday life, and it is becoming increasingly pervasive. For this reason in April 2021 the European Commission presented an “AI Package” among which the most relevant and currently debated feature is the  proposal for a regulation laying down harmonized rules on AI, that is to say the “AI Act”. This proposal – if turned into law – would be the very first law on the matter ever approved by any regulator of this entity anywhere in the world and its implications would be even louder if it became a global standard (such as for the GDPR). Of course, agreeing on such a bill is not easily done, as companies and country on which it would have major negative spillover lobby to water it down and mitigate its extent. To get a comprehensive view on the subject, be sure to go through our newest NEU number!

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