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The Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) has opened the submission period for the second round of the 2015 call for proposals.

The BBI JU is a public-private partnership between the European Commission, through DG Research and Innovation, and the Bio-based Industries Consortium, a multi-sectoral association representing private partners and bringing together more than 200 members between SMEs, large companies, universities, clusters, etc.

With a total budget of 3.7 billion euro for the period 2014-2020, the Bio-Based Industries JU was launched within the Horizon 2020 program, with the aim of contributing to the creation of a more clean and low-carbon economy, through the development of bio-industries increasingly competitive in Europe.

The goal is to counteract Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas) by converting in a sustainable manner the biomass from agriculture, forestry and waste into products with high added value and energy. Innovative technologies and advanced bio-refineries are the tools at the heart of this initiative.

The total budget allocated to the RIA-DEMO-CSA 2015 call is 106 million euro.

The call will fund Research and Innovation actions addressing the following topics:

BBI.VC1.R1: Conversion of lignin rich-reach streams from biorefineries;
BBI.VC1.R2: Pre-treatment of lignocellulose with simultaneous removal of contaminants and separation of lignin and cellulosic fractions;
BBI.VC1.R3: Bio-based functional molecules for coating and surface treatment;
BBI.VC1.R4: Separation and extraction technologies for added value compounds from wood and forest-based residues;
BBI.VC2.R5: Practices increasing effectiveness of forest management;
BBI.VC2.R6: Sustainable cellulose based materials;
BBI.VC2.R7: Tailoring tree species to produce wood designed for industrial processes and biorefining purposes;
BBI.VC3.R8: Increasing productivity of industrial multi-purpose agricultural crops.
BBI.VC3.R9: Valorisation of aquatic biomass;
BBI.R10: Innovative efficient biorefinery technologies.

Budget available: 40 million euro

The available topics under Innovation Actions are:

BBI.VC1.D1: Lignocellulosic feedstock into building blocks and high added value products;
BBI.VC2.D2: Innovative cellulose-based composite packaging solutions;
BBI.VC3.D3: Production of bio-based elastomers from Europe-grown feedstock;
BBI.VC3.D4: High purity bio-based intermediates and end products from vegetable oils and fats;
BBI.VC3.D5: Valorisation of agricultural residues and side streams from the agrofood industry;
BBI.VC4.D6: Organic acids from Municipal Solid Waste;
BBI.D7: Overcoming low product yields from fermentation processes.

Budget available: 64 million euro

The topics open for proposals under Coordination and Support Actions are:

BBI.S1: Standards and regulations;
BBI.S2: Communication and awareness.

Budget available: 2 million euro

Calls are open for all types of participants. The BBI JU promotes the involvement of SMEs in its activities.

The consortium must be composed of at least three legal entities established in at least three different Member States or Associated Countries. Coordination and Support actions can be a carried by only one legal entity established in a Member State or Associated Country.

For Research and Innovation actions, the maximum funding rate is 100% of eligible costs. For Innovation actions the funding rate is 70%, while for non-profit organization eligible costs are covered up to 100%.

The deadline for the submission of the proposals is 3 December 2015.

General information about the Bio-Based Industry Joint Undertaking are available in the official website
All documents related with the calls for proposals are accessible from the dedicated page in the Participant Portal.

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