EU-Turkey: a relationship at an all-time low?


If early April’s mission to Ankara of Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel had the aim to relaunch the relationship between the EU and Turkey, we can say that it essentially failed.

The “Sofagate” was one of the lowest (and most humiliating for Europe) points in the history of the relationship between the two Powers.

Added to this is the document approved by the Foreign Affairs Commission of the European Parliament which criticizes ” the strong and, at times, provocative statements against the EU and its member states, and its hostile foreign policy, especially towards Greece and Cyprus”.

Turkey has long been a candidate country for EU membership, but in recent years Erdogan’s government has deliberately and increasingly moved away from European values ​​and standards.

What prospects for Ankara’s relations with Brussels and the European capitals? What are the main common interests? On which dossiers emerge the main differences?

In this issue of NEU we will try to give some answers.

Enjoy the reading!

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