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Within the framework of the Interreg Euro-Med Transnational Cooperation Programme, the call for governance projects concerning priority 3 of the programme: Better governed Mediterranean has been launched.

The call concerns the two types of governance projects: the Thematic Community Projects (TCP), and the Institutional Dialogue Projects (IDP) that will contribute to the implementation of the Results Amplification Strategy (RAS) of the program.

The call will fund 4 thematic community projects and 4 institutional dialogue projects for each mission, which will operate together to enhance the results of the thematic projects and amplify their scope in order to support a better coordination of the actions of the responsible actors in the decision-making processes and governance of territories.

Within the programme area, TCP will provide the technical knowledge and synergies for effective joint direct identification and transfer of results in cooperation with modular projects. In parallel, IDPs will identify and mobilise relevant actors to whom results could be transferred to support, improve and implement future policies, enhancing the action of TCP projects. IDPs will have a medium-term impact to anticipate and support the design of new policies in a more strategic way.

Beyond the programme area, IDP projects will reach out to external actors responsible for implementing and improving policies and exchange results of projects for which the IDP will receive support from TPCs.

Practically, a TCP will analyze the results of thematic projects and will have the technical skills to transfer solutions, while the corresponding IDP will analyze the state of the art of that policy, identifying needs and opportunities in relation to the analysis made by the TCP, and will look for potential correspondence to influence policies.

Specifically, TCP will have to achieve the following objectives:

  1. establish the conditions for the re-use of results, the development of synergies and the increase of coordination between thematic projects working for the same mission;
  2. implement transfer strategies and integration of the results strategies of Euro-MED thematic projects into the practices of public and private actors at local, regional and national level by providing technical support to relevant institutions.

The IDPs will work fundamentally to create a permanent dialogue with European authorities and networks, including representatives of civil society, with other European programmes, with strategies and initiatives outside the Euro-Med partnership and will foster exchanges and the transfer of solutions (such as those highlighted by thematic projects) to institutional stakeholders outside the programme.

The partnership envisaged for each project is of at least 6 partners established in at least 6 different States eligible for the programme, of which at least one EU and one IPA; the lead partner must be a public body or a body governed by public law.

The total budget is 36 million euros: 20 million for the 4 TCP (maximum contribution: 5 million per project) and 16 million for the 4 IDP (maximum contribution: 4 million per project).

The deadline for submitting the project proposals is 1 June 2022.

More information can be found here

Written by: Margherita Genua

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