Iran, elections and future


This issue of Neu will be focused on Iran, and particularly on the elections in this State, one of the most important of the world in geo-political and strategic terms. The U.S. government of Trump began a different policy towards this important reality. In particular, the actual direction of the U.S. is really adversarial towards Iran itself. It all began with the unilateral withdrawal of the deals once signed by the Obama administration providing no nuclear proliferation in Iran and free commerce with U.S. in exchange. For the Trump administration this State re-began to be one of the principal sponsors of the international terrorism (a narrative that brings into mind the Khomeini era) and from the other part (also similarly to Khomeini) the Satan U.S. reappeared. Then there was the assault to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and the killing of the Iranian popular leader Sulejmani followed by the Ukrainian plane crash in the Iran territory the day after. The situation deteriorated. What will be the result of this new situation at the elections? How could the relation with the U.S. be rethought anf rebuilt and on which basis? We will try to answer. Have a good reading.

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