Italian Elections


Without any doubt the argument of the moment in the EU is the outcome of the Italian political elections of the 4th March. And their impact on the European assets, we add. We will not outline what the other media just did, but try as always to make an analysis of what the future looks like now. Some facts are objective: the Centre–Left coalition had an historical defeat in all its components. The Centre–Right coalition had a very positive result, all parties together arriving almost but not exactly to the 40% (what was required to have a majority prize). The Movimento 5 Stelle was the first party and had an enormous success. Within the Centre–Right area, the Lega of Matteo Salvini was the real winner, while the allies had smaller results than expected.

This is the situation. President Sergio Mattarella will not have a simple duty. And Europe is waiting, hoping that nobody would go for an anti–EU agenda, which would open scenarios never considered before.

Read our issue and make your idea, that is what democracy request. Being informed and autonomous.

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