LGBTQ+ rights and the fight for a more inclusive EU


After years of timid and defensive attitudes, Europe’s liberal democracies have finally taken a hard (and unambiguous) stance against the illiberal and discriminatory laws of Orbán’s Hungary.

The occasion was the approval of the law against LGBTQ+ themes in schools by Budapest’s Parliament, furthermore during the Pride month.

18 heads of state and government – including Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Mario Draghi and Pedro Sanchez – have sent a letter to the leaders of the EU institutions, in which they reaffirm their commitment to the defense of the Union’s fundamental values.

With this anti-LGBTQ+ law “Hungary has no place in the EU” said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

In the same days, the clash has sensationally passed from the halls of the European parliament to the stadiums of the European football championship.

It seems that after Covid balances have changed in Europe and liberal cabinets have finally found the strength to establish their principles, which are the founding ones of the Union.

Civil rights and gender inclusiveness is an issue towards which Western societies are increasingly paying attention and the leaders of the main European countries must take into account.

Furthermore, the populist cycle appears to be in decline after the end of the Trump era and in the new post-pandemic context.

Does this mean the rescue for the liberal values ​​in the European Union?

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